#brandchat recap 2nd edition

Posted: February 19, 2009 in brandchat recap
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We’re starting to see more interest in #brandchat and encourage everyone to join in on Wednesdays!  Please follow @brandchat on Twitter for updates and announcements regarding the Wednesday #brandchat discussions.

The recap consists of participant tweets.  Use twitter search and see the entire conversations generated by #brandchat. Click here for more information on #brandchat.

General Announcements

Question 1 (Q1):  Top 3 Ways To Express Your Personal Brand

mariaduron: Q1: My voice + energy (first + foremost), am always connecting + groups I suport #brandchat
neilmckenzphoto: Top 3 ways to express brand: image( both mental and of course physical), expertise, satisfied customers. #brandchat
searchguru: Q1: Teaching others about social media and how to use it for biz #brandchat
searchguru: 2) Helping others to connect online and whom to connect with #brandchat
searchguru: 3) willing to share information and run workshops #brandchat
McCourtRealtor: Q1: Our agency’s environment, the way we answer phone and our online identity #brandchat

Question 2 (Q2): What is most important in personal branding?
searchguru: Establishing your credentials as an expert #brandchat
neilmckenzphoto: The most important thing in personal branding? – If your brand isn’t honest then everything else in your brand doesn’t matter. #brandchat
mariaduron: Q2: I think it’s identifying what is “uniquely” U – doesn’t have to be stellar but does need to be genuine. #brandchat
DavidSandusky: Q2 most important in brand? Know what your brand really is and how it is defined by others #brandchat
McCourtRealtor: ?2: Being aligned w/what U say + promote. No disconnects! #brandchat
DavidSandusky: do what you say you are going to do #brandchat
DavidSandusky: Q2 You can say what you want in marketing, but your brand is what you do. #brandchat
cindeelean: Q2 most important in brand? Know what your brand really is and how it is defined by others #brandchat
JuliaRosien: @billglover #brandchat Thanks for the RT – Authenticity is our currency and if we trade that for traffic we lose our hard-earned reputation

Question 3 (Q3): Ways People Are Sabotaging Their Brand
McCourtRealtor: ?3: What they tweet about sometimes! Everyone sees it, remember. #brandchat
billglover: RT @JuliaRosien: RT #brandchat Personal branding? – If your brand isn’t honest then everything else in your brand doesn’t matter.
DavidSandusky: challenge to @neilmckenzphoto great tweet. If your brand is not honest, I say, that is your brand #brandchat
searchguru: Q3 by changing name or rebranding without asking anyone #brandchat
searchguru: Q3 case in point, Jack in the Box and changes being made are in wrong direction #brandchat
brandchat: @searchguru Do you think this kind of mistake happens with ‘people’, ‘individuals’? #brandchat
searchguru: @brandchat absolutely. People make similar mistakes by pushing items that are contrary to their brand #brandchat
DavidSandusky: @searchguru feeling/experience. Marketing reminds us good or bad. Same w. people #brandchat
neilmckenzphoto: 3 Ways to sabotage your brand – not being consistent, not being to the point, creating false impressions. #brandchat

Yikes – I overlooked asking Question 4 (Q4)!  Next time…

Question 5 (Q5): What do people need to be more conscious of online?
searchguru: Q5 What goes online stays online
searchguru: Even old commercials come back to haunt companies online #brandchat
DavidSandusky: Q5 conscious online? be consistent and people ARE making judgment re hiring you or your biz #brandchat
neilmckenzphoto: What do people need to be more conscious of online? – Everything! Watch how you are presenting yourself in words and images. #brandchat
ScottAllen: 1 thing ppl should be conscious of online is that gaming social media systems may make others question their ethics. #brandchat
neilmckenzphoto: If you can’t be found online do you exist? – probably to a lot of people and even more each day. #brandchat
ScottAllen: If they are willing to do that to LinkedIn, how are they willing to bend the rules in their dealings with you? #brandchat
ScottAllen: Oops – missed a tweet in there – I was talking about ppl doing things like putting their email in their LinkedIn name. #brandchat
mariaduron: @ScottAllen Ahhh, yes, UR correct. Or asking 4 recommendations + introductions 2 soon, yikes! #brandchat
ScottAllen: If people are willing to openly violate the user agreement – a legal contract – how will they treat their agreements w/ you? #brandchat
ScottAllen: Similarly, if ppl are willing to publicly bash others over…whatever – do you want to risk having them as a client? Or a vendor? #brandchat
ScottAllen: At the same time, David, we also have to recognize others are human. We all have shortcomings. #brandchat


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