#brandchat recap Feb. 17th chat, THEME: Big Business and NonProfit Branding

Posted: February 19, 2010 in brandchat recap, Twitter
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A lively chat with our HOT TOPIC being Q1:  About viral programs, fan and followers, what the good, bad and ugly was to a brand.  In fact, that discussion has continued, here in our recap forum. So, if you missed the chat and would still like to share your thoughts, ideas, resources, books and blog posts that pertain to each question.  Feel free to do that here!

Q1:UR thoughts on those huge viral fan+follower grower programs,how+why? Good,bad + ugly.

maltaee: Q1: Example > Facebook fan page: http://bit.ly/a6FCB7 (expand) #brandchat

caff: Fan+follower grower programs are important. Grow awareness & path of acquisition. Gets people engaged. #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q1: I think it is a good thing as long as the company reads the posts re @comcastcares #brandchat

karenswim: Q1: Quantity does not equal engagement, and I’d rather have a mighty few that are brand champions than vols of uninterested #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Does anybody really care? #brandchat

caff: Once engaged though need to have a plan in place for the long term once make conversions. Help conversation, keep ’em coming back #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: Q1: Good, if it goes beyond accruing numbers, which can be meaningless without engagement, action, etc. #brandchat

nigellegg: @brandchat – Q1: do fan/follower grower programs give relevant followers? Number of followers is not the aim, Value of them is. #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q1: if you are talking about autofolowers. I dont like them. I like to know who my audience is #brandchat

sharonmostyn: #brandchat Q1 fan+follower grower programs=UGLY! Devalues high follower counts of ENGAGED fans earned the hard way.

jemcgrew: Q1: They are good as long as they provide value to those who follow. Otherwise it is a lot of names with no communication #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: I didn’t mean that if the Brandidos care, does the audience of this FB page really care? #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: Fan pages and viral follower movements provide value when there is constant touch points, you get out what you put in #brandchat

nigellegg: Being able to get something useful from network is more useful than size of network #brandchat.

CASUDI: Q1: Quality followers YES ~~ but not just numbers (Quantity) ~ same old…..#brandchat

robertforto: RE Q1: Example–I have 4300 “friends” on facebook and only talk to a handful of them #brandchat

nigellegg: Those guys on linkedin, “opennetworkers”, “Lions”, 5000+ contacts – how do they provide value? #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q1 I agree that engageement is preferable. I want connection and conversation. #brandchat

TNSinc: I am aware of followers, but I don’t auto follow people until I have checked them out, & they are interested in my tweets #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: I’m sure there’s the right time, place, client, co. or something who should use these things, but I don’t know what they are. #brandchat

caff: Q1: Also depends on the brand/company. Some principally have less engagement to them, e.g. toilet paper #brandchat

karenswim: Q1: Engagement is not limited to “commenting”, your audience can be engaged even if silent, that’s why #s alone not enough #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q1: there is strength in numbers with example from 4300 friends on Facebook I have closed more deals than not #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q!: If you want a bunch of followers, just use a bunch of vulgar or sexual words in your Tweets. You’ll get followers! #brandchat

JohnAntonios: “Thou shalt not Auto-follow, Auto-reply, Auto-DM, Auto anything” 1 of the 10 commandments of twitter http://ow.ly/18iGr q1 #brandchat

karenswim: Q1: agree dep.’s on brand, I am loyal to many brands, will recommend but may not appear to be “actively” engaged via socmed #brandchat

TheKimSchneider: Q1 You can have #s all you want, but if no one is talking to you or listening, that’s not a good sign that people like you. #brandchat

maltaee: Q1: We r talking about Facebook pages not Twitter. If http://bit.ly/a6FCB7 (expand) get 1M followers, there MUST be successful formula. #brandchat

karenswim: Q1: agree dep.’s on brand, I am loyal to many brands, will recommend but may not appear to be “actively” engaged via socmed #brandchat

maltaee: Q1: We r talking about Facebook pages not Twitter. If http://bit.ly/a6FCB7 (expand) get 1M followers, there MUST be successful formula. #brandchat

SJAbbott: Q1 Quality of follower is important to an individual. If the focus is the brand, not the individual, then quantity is valuable. #brandchat.

PresentAdvisors: Q1: There are staistics that prove only quality followers improve clickthrough. Mass follow programs hardly increase traffic #brandchat

KateRobins: @nigellegg I blew up previous account. Was overstuffed, marbled w/irrelevance. Started at zero again. Cleaner focus. #brandchat

SJAbbott: Q1 Appropriate engagement is always critical, regardless of the number of followers. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: But I think there are brands + people in certain positions who probably don’t need specific followers, just millions of them #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1:Seems those with mega followers/friends are celebrities or have a lot of folks interested in white teeth. #brandchat

brandchat: BRANDidos – does it matter if you use an aggregator program in Twitter or Facebook? Is there a diff? #brandchat

karenswim: @brandchat Coke is an institution so hard to compare! If you have big #s but no influence, no engagement yes it matters #brandchat

PresentAdvisors: Re Q1: Unfortunately many people assume higher followers = more influence. Just not true. #brandchat

maltaee: @Brad42Fish Q1: If you have 1M fans then you can sell products/ more profits in 1 day that you cant in 10 years. #brandchat

karenswim: Q1: Let’s be honest if you have 10M followers/fans & your profits are tanking, those #s are worthless #brandchat

brandchat: @karenswim Yes, U hit nail on head – they R changing+ need to b. Competition is global+ an engaged ‘lil guy’ can now be a threat #brandchat

caff: @brandchat Aggregator program in Twitter or Facebook aren’t always quality leads. Just b/c I tweet re:hammock doesn’t mean I care #brandchat

ajmunn: For some (not me) the numbers game works Think affiliates or direct mkters For them a 5% return is huge on 10K followers #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: So how do you design a succesful viral program? #brandchat

SJAbbott: Q1 Influence assumes engagement, but the number of followers should not assume influence. #brandchat

brandchat: Q1: I can also silence FB status feeds on my home page so while I’m a “fan in number” – I’m not engaged + not listening #brandchat

SJAbbott: Q1 Followers not = influence is especially true in the world of charity/not-for-profit. #brandchat

nigellegg: @neilmckenzphoto – you consistently, week in week out, put out compelling content and then people interested follow you. #brandchat

brandchat: Q1: cont’d +mayb I entered 4 a freebie + took the loot + ran but still was a face on the page – just silenced U, is there value? #brandchat

caff: Q1: Are also those who prefer to be voyeuristic. Still valuable. Quality not always tied to action..could still be impt 4 WOM etc #brandchat

Ryan_B_King: missed the Q1 but from what I gather I’d like to ad that it’s about developing good content and strategy to gain engagement #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q1 in terms of the brand, # of followers indicates that you can command attention, important – yes, but can you get them to act? #brandchat

maltaee: @neilmckenzphoto: Q1: So how do you design a succesful viral program? #brandchat >>> This good help http://bit.ly/dhqoH7 (expand)

Q2: Nonprofits borrow from brand of corp chair 2 garner funds, does it work for biznesses?

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Can you elaborate? #brandchat

brandchat: Q2:cont’d Yes,it’s using corp pers 2 endorse Nonprofit brand,does it make sense for other biz 2 partner like nonprofits do #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q2: you have to be very careful what you do as a non-profit #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: If the big fish are chasing the bait I would think the small fish aren’t far behind. #brandchat

karenswim: Q2: Partnering can be a smart strategy 4 any biz it it aligns with the brand & value, remember Seinfeld & Microsoft (shudder) #brandchat

nigellegg: Q2 – my opinion, partnerships, endorsements, referrals, from other biz are always welcome. #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: Q2: partnerships/endorsements good, so long as the ‘partner’ stays in line with the nonprofit’s aims/brand. #brandchat

CASUDI: Q2: Appropriate partnering of brand + non profit can benefit both #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2:Its always good to have people saying nice things about your brand. The nicer (or bigger) they are – the better #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q2 the key to effective partnership is alignment and joint strategy #brandchat

ajmunn: Q2 Smart to use collaborative tools to actually collaborate Many ppl on mission to ‘own’ the space. Strategic collaboration key #brandchat

Ryan_B_King: #brandchat call nonprofits advocacy brands and their id depends on association and bigger brands Partner with GE wld be diff than Godaddy

karenswim: Q2: Not always good, you would not want a dairy farmer in a PETA ad, unless he was selling the farm & renouncing meat #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q2: Unless the same people that own the corp (LLC, partnership) also run the non-profit #brandchat

caff: Q2: There should be a tie together of charity and brand. It should make sense, not be out of left field. More memorable/effective #brandchat

ajmunn: Not always require overt reaction or engagement from sm participation. But must be a degree of cause & effect. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: It’s much like any other spokesperson arrangement. It’s always risky to tie your brand to someone else. #brandchat

CASUDI: I like the term Strategic Collaboration (who said?) ~ gives idea both sides are winning #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: If you have someone else promoting your brand, and they are known, you are co-branding. It better be the right person. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: Also consider cost effectiveness. If you have other brand in your mktg, are they paying for part? You’re promoting them. #brandchat

Q3:Benefits+drawbacks 2 association w/a big brand. Profit? Reputation?

robertforto: RE Q3: That is what sports sponsorships are all about in my opinion #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q3: Benefit is global success when you keep Quality and Value right, Neg is what happens when you don’t – AKA Toyota #brandchat

maltaee: Q3: Don’t associate your brand with Tiger Woods anymore 😛 #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: I don’t really see any drawbacks with associating with a big brand unless something goes wrong – Toyota? #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: Q3: When associating w/ big brand, need to consider your risk exposure. Big can handle a stumble, can you? #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q3: when I was sponsored for my dogsled team by big sunglass co. yrs ago they wanted “little” guy in unknown sport #brandchat

nigellegg: Q3: Benefit – potential access to client base. Drawback: lose independence. #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q3: Risk associated with associating brand can be good and bad– Good Kia and Michelle Wie – Bad Tiger Woods and his sponsors #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: Q3: you also have to consider how people will view your link with a company. Is company making a bald play for cred? #brandchat

caff: Q3: Always +/- when doing any partnerships. Can’t predict the future, so it’s always somewhat risky. Why right partner is v. impt #brandchat

nigellegg: Drawback – Big partner may not consider needs of small when changing prod / service – may cannibalise small partner. #brandchat.

Brad42Fish: All the stuff I said for Q2…same for Q3. Be confident in your partner. You could be tied together forever in people’s minds. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q3 association with any brand means you are in it together, good and bad times-consider mission/values wisely #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q3: something always goes wrong in the Internet age #brandchat

myersjj6: Really important their equity reinforces the positioning you are trying to articulate to the consumer. #brandchat

jemcgrew: Drawing on Q3– What should you do when partnership is dragging the brand down– ride it out, bail? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: However, you still need to make sure that you pick your sponosors carefully. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: If small brand stumbles the big brand will drop it like a hot potato – quid pro quo? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2/3: The more brands you are associated with, the weaker the ties. Nike not hurt by Tiger. Still have dozens of stars. #brandchat

ajmunn: Back to basics. Start with objectives, build strategy to empower not curtail, listen, learn, participate, monitor, react quickly. #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q3: great ex. of brand partnership McDonalds and Redbox. It put all other video stores out of biz. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2/3: Don’t let your brand be overtaken by the brand of your sponsor/partner/spokesperson. Stay true to your Brand Essence. #brandchat

SJAbbott: Q3 If partnership break with first sign of problem, its not really a partnership. Value from working thru challenges together. #brandchat

ajmunn: Q3 Can forget that big brands are big cause they know what they are doing. Worth keeping in mind when working with them #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q3 It depends on the type and depth of association. #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q3 can we name some large brand / small highly visable associations? #brandchat

Q4:What is your fave brand quote?

DavidSandusky: RT @neilmckenzphoto: Q4: Fav brand quote – “You grew it, you chew it” #brandchat

maltaee: Q4: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde #brandchat

robertforto: RE Q4: fav brand quote I came up with on YourBrandRadio “I have been bit by the best and trained the rest” re: dog training #brandchat

maltaee: Q4: “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” ~ John Mason #brandchat

SJAbbott: Q4 “I always knew I wanted to be somebody. Later I realized I needed to be more specific.” – Lily Tomlin. #brandchat

ajmunn: Q4 “Everything keeps going right, Toyota” #Brandchat

maltaee: Q4: What makes you unique, makes you successful. ~ @WilliamArruda #brandchat

robertforto: RE q4: Brand quote: “Dont look before you jump” re: skydiving school in Minnesota #brandchat

DavidSandusky: RT @myersjj6: Q4 “We want consumers to say, ‘That’s a hell of a product’ instead of, ‘That’s a hell of an ad.’“ – Leo Burnett #brandchat

maltaee: Q4: If you build a unique personal brand, the success will follow you. ~ Me 🙂 #brandchat

brandchat: Rt @maltaee Q4: What makes you unique, makes you successful. ~ @WilliamArruda #brandchat

ajmunn: Q4 Good UK brand quote stood test of time “It does exactly what it says on the tin” Ronseal #brandchat

maltaee: Q4: Those with strong personal brand have a passion to add value to the lives of others. #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q4 “If you say 3 things you don’t say anything” from the book Made to Stick #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q4 “It takes a Village to Build a Brand” ~ Neumeier #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q4 I tell people: When you’re branded properly, competition is irrelevant #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q4 your business is not unique, but you are ~ @yourbrandradio #brandchat

Pitch, Plugs, C2A, etc.

brandchat: PITCH: Hot TOPICS will continue here in about an hour: http://www.yourbrandplan.com/forum/brandchat/ #brandchat

andrewmueller: PITCH – forget the idea of followers….create evangelists! #brandchat

Brad42Fish: 42Fish is a creative solutions firm that helps clients create their desired reaction via branding, mktg, advrtisng + design. #brandchat

maltaee: Pitch: Personal Branding Guy on Facebook http://bit.ly/4dMpPc (expand) Nothing to sell you there, just good staff 🙂 #brandchat

SJAbbott: PITCH – Octopus Strategies, Brand Communication and Fundraising Strategy for cause driven brands. #brandchat


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