#brandchat recap from March 10th chat, THEME: Small Business Branding

Posted: March 12, 2010 in brandchat recap, Twitter
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Q1:If a brand is a sustainable identity, how many “brands” can/should a small business support?

CathyWebSavvyPR: Q1: Often a problem 4 small biz & solopreneurs who see their biz & skills grow over time. Best = umbrella brand #brandchat

MarketingMary: Just worked for a co. who had many-layered “brand” structure. There wasn’t enough time or $ to communciate effectively. #brandchat

GetResults: Q1 – At least 2 – your personal brand (U stand behind…) & UR discrete prod/svc brand(s), remembering it costs 2 support each #brandchat

karenswim: Q1: I vote for one strong brand, hard to manage multiple for small biz #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: Q1: small size means you can’t support many brands. Start with one good, clearly defined one, add as you grow… #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: Q1b: Shoot for you initial brand as an umbrella or hub, with offshoots to take on niche opportunities. #brandchat

Ryan_B_King: #brandchat Q1 Businesses of all sizes should only maintain the core brands that embody the parent brand. It’s all about net-worth and value

MarketingMary: Q1 One strong brand is superior to many weak, unsupported brands. #brandchat

JohnAntonios: #brandchat – i would first question what classifies the business as a “small” business? # of people? or yearly sales? or industry?

eamcc: Sage advice, Go slow, measure, then grow. RT @neilmckenzphoto Q1: Supporting just one [brand] is a big job, go slow. #brandchat

GetResults: @MrWordsWorth Q1 – It’s a temptation, but, some differentiation needed. Otherwise when time 2 sell, nothing there or U can’t quit #brandchat

pmarckworth: the umbrella brand has to be clear and well defined – then product and service brands can sit under the umbrella. #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @GetResults I would think you could start as one and diversify the biz brand from yours as you grow toward divestment, perhaps #brandchat

CASUDI: A recognizable brand adds real value to small biz ~ so any product offshoots must be within same brand #brandchat A1.

JohnAntonios: @MrWordsWorth I agree 100% – but we’re questioning how many brands a business can support based on what? #brandchat

olgayefimova: Q1 being a small business, I’ll vote for one ~> the rule is : the brand is you. #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q1: small biz, I would concentrate on one, depending if service or product, as well as financial capabilities. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q1 do one thing VERY well #brandchat

brandchat: So, how do each of the BRANDidos define SMALL BUSINESS? Interested to hear ur thoughts… #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @JohnAntonios true, but small can be earnings, employee size. A company of 1, you want 1 brand, for example, maybe two – pers/biz #brandchat

GetResults: @MrWordsWorth Q1 – Best to start early. Make it unique & distinct – to build value, give you perspective, enable exit strategies #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q1 hit a “home run” in your back yard #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: @pmarckworth the trick is to get the other prods/svcs to fall under the umbrella brand in a cohesive way. #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: Q1: More importantly, the small business must understand why they brand #brandchat

TNSinc: I would define small business by creative approach to problem solving, it is a mindset. #brandchat

jemcgrew: @brandchat Re: small business–a company of less than 250 people were everyone knows everyone. Lots of collaboration #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @CASUDI a sole proprietorship, in particular, though depending on the biz, you may want to think about pers/biz split. #brandchat

GetResults: @MrWordsWorth Q1 – no doubt about it. Initially, it’s UR baby – U need is 2 let it grow, become its own entity. Customers help! #brandchat

Perpetuallabs: #brandchat Small businesses are Bizs. that identify a need to maintain minimum growth to ensure their existence.

MarketingMary: Q1 Even large biz stumbles with more than 1 brand. How can small biz expect to juggle many? #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: Q1: A small biz can support multiple brands, if they can serve multiple markets & need the identities #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Large businesses may face the same challenges as small business in managing multiple brands. #brandchat

jemcgrew: RE: Small Bus.–Small Business Admin says some business are still small at 1000 employees…. #brandchat

GetResults: @JohnAntonios Even SBA has problems w def. Small can mean intent to stay small (manageable) or just starting out – many measures #brandchat

alanunderkofler: the definition of what a small biz is depending on who is asking and answering! #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q1 small business become large #brand by staying true to THE brand #brandchat

eamcc: @MarketingMary Good observation Q1 #brandchat. Perhaps SBO should start by asking how much time they want to invest in brand management?

CathyWebSavvyPR: Define small business from solopreneur (biz of one) to 250 employees – although more ften 10-50? #brandchat

CASUDI: A1 ~ I have 2 diverse career paths ~ 2 diverse biz brands YET my personal branding is the same ~ challenging YES #brandchat

karimacatherine: small biz, to me is less than 500 employees and I would concentrate on 1 brand, depending if service/product, and financials. #brandchat

GetResults: @MrWordsWorth It’s your baby, your goals, some control always remains, but customers(& their buying) R UR reason for being #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: Q1c: A “well-brainstormed” tagline & elevator speech & soc. Media profil bio can help clarify yr brand(s) #brandchat

Q2:How dependent is Small Business Branding on the Personal Brand the person running it?

sharonmostyn: Depends on staff size RT @CathyWebSavvyPR: @karenswim agreed-2ndary brand is closely aligned & in sync w/ main brand it can work #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: In most cases I would say totally dependent. #brandchat

SusanKEaston: Q2: TOTALLY dependent, you can’t separate when you are solo, you ARE your brand #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q2: love this question. but I would answer in 2 fold : 1st: it depends on the positionning of owner (s) #brandchat

cwebpresence: Q2: Answer: That depends on the mission of the business. What’s the value prop? #brandchat

CASUDI: A2: dependency of small biz on personal branding of person running it ~ depends on how small is small 🙂 #brandchat @mariaduron

JohnAntonios: @brandchat A2: in my definition of Small Biz – PB is a key success driver – People trust the Biz b/c of the person running it. #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2: I think it depends on the business. If the business is your name, very dependent–if it isn’t then you can remove yourself #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: Q2: More often than not, in newer social media channels, personal brand and biz brands are very inter-related #brandchat

MarketingMary: Q2 Not only is small biz brand dependent on owner’s personal brand, that person also defines company culture. #brandchat

eamcc: Q2 #brandchat. Personal and product/service brand of SBO are synonymous.

karenswim: Q2: Depends, if creating biz that you want to sell, exit, personal branding not a factor #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: Q2: in many cases, the business brand depends on the individual who founded it. But if you want ‘out’, watch how it evolves #brandchat

GetResults: @MrWordsWorth If they have brand value stored, they can live off fat. when fat runs out, they are ripe for extinction, fire sale #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: Q2b: but I have seen successful pers./biz brands separate – @GeoffLiving sold his self-named PR company #brandchat

JohnAntonios: #brandchat A2: in my marketing consulting business – my branding efforts are focused on my PB – this helps me carry it onto other biz

DavidSandusky: Q2 entrepreneur brand: starting business, any business, hiring experts-may be seperate #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @GetResults They couldn’t live off the brains, because if you’re ignoring the customer, you don’t have any. #brandchat

Perpetuallabs: #brandchat Q2: Co. Brands depend on the stock of Personal brands that are invested in the company. Should call them Personnel Brands?

MarketingMary: Q2 In entrepreneurial cos.(vs def of small biz) owner’s personal brand and vision ARE the company #brandchat

cwebpresence: When you’re a one person business, no matter which way you brand, your personality is always a factor. I am a one person biz. #brandchat

GetResults: Q2 – Sm Biz Brand depeendance on creator =f of his/her visibility in mktplace. If gr8 prod/svc, customers may buy in spite of #brandchat

CASUDI: @karenswim At what size BIZ do U think the personal brand of founder should be separated from BIZ ? #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: Q2: big brand have this same problem – see Apple (stocks dip every time Jobs gets “sick”). but many survive founders leaving #brandchat

aleshabishop: Q2 depends on the product and personal brand of the owner, may or may not be a good match. #brandchat

PUBLISIDE: Q2 Double-edged sword for business to be dependent on brand of person running it, eg, Steve Jobs’ when he fell ill. #brandchat

Perpetuallabs: #brandchat Q2: Small Business is dependent on brand of people behind a handshake, phone call or any other communication.

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Most businesses start out as small and the brand is hitched to that of the founders. #brandchat

GetResults: @MrWordsWorth lots of folks gut good brands by arrogance, neglect, revenge -sad! #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2 person running biz may not be person starting biz, but hiring influences culture/brand #brandchat

karimacatherine: some comp expanding fast still behave as small biz as long as the decisions relies on 1 founder,all about founder pers. brand #brandchat

PUBLISIDE: Q2 I also think that whether intentional or not, personal brands of those running the biz influences companies. #brandchat

JohnAntonios: starting my own small biz, it made much more sense to build my PB (which exists) than creating something out of nothing #brandchat

karimacatherine: Anyways, arent we all about personal branding now? small, entrepreneurs or larger companies #brandchat

CASUDI: @PUBLISIDE agree even if PB does not influence corp brand ~ person running Co does influence culture brand ~ even in mega corp #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: @GetResults Yes, brand is everything, not just the intentional mktg campaign to put design elements to a name #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @cwebpresence No, but it makes a distinction, in case you have plans for the business beyond you. Wise choice. #brandchat

sharonmostyn: #brandchat Q2: Small biz TOTALLY dependent on personal brand of person running it!

Q3:How can a small business owner differentiate his/her personal brand from that of his/her creation – his/her company brand?

alanunderkofler: why would a small biz owner want to differentiate their personal and biz brands? #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: Q3: Don’t make your company name your personal name is one way to create some distance. #brandchat

JohnAntonios: #brandchat A3: in small biz, PB should always be bigger than the biz brand, ideal for exit and entry strategies

cwebpresence: A3: Separate via strategy and channels (IMO) .. and use Hootsuite, etc. to manage. Best I can figure for one-person biz. #brandchat

karenswim: @alanunderkofler If you ever want to sell or exit, you can back yourself into a corner #brandchat

Perpetuallabs: #brandchat Q3: Give ownership to the ppl who do the work and invest in their personal brand.Taking a lowprofile shouldn’t hurt a good Co

BrandsAnatomy: @brandchat Some days it feels that way. I have this “person” who others rely on, who only exists if I devote time to it #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q3: name. if you want to differenciate make sure your name is not your business name. #brandchat

sharonmostyn: #brandchat Multi-tasking listening to a #LinkedIn webinar talking about “personalizing” brand (even for Microsoft) – synchronicity? 🙂

eamcc: Q3 #brandchat. Think of your personal brand as a business card. Your biz brand like a customer receipt. (i.e., promises and expectations)

JohnAntonios: A3: the creation (brand) should never become bigger than the creator (PB) – #brandchat

alanunderkofler: your personality and the personality of each employee makes up the biz brand, encourage synergy! #brandchat

karenswim: Q3: By clearly defining brand at outset #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: Q3: Put purpose behind the brand, & give it a name for others to remember #brandchat

karimacatherine: @GetResults : Would love to hear about the dangers of merging identities #brandchat

alanunderkofler: When you decide to sell a brand or create an exit strategy you phase out your personal brand over time #brandchat

karenswim: Completely agree that not enough small biz owners consider their exit strategy #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: Q3: Creating a separate identity opens possible exit strategies that may be needed #brandchat

karimacatherine: A lot of people define themselves as entrepreneurs or business owner but dont have information on what is means really!(legal,..) #brandchat

JosephRosenfeld: Q3: When you are your brand, create an off-hours personal “look” to turn yourself on and off, just like the lights. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: So how do you apply this to people in the arts? @artybynemo ? #brandchat

karenswim: Too often personal brand locks you into time/results economy #brandchat

CASUDI: A3: Just think of yourself ~ your well defined personal brand is prob why many people do biz with you? #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q3 I think you have to start with the purpose of the business not just the purpose of selling when you define biz brand vs PB #brandchat

karimacatherine: A lot of people define themselves as entrepreneurs or business owner but dont have information on what is means really (legal,.) #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q3 some smart entrepreneurs hire the opposite of them on behalf of the brand. that is a good personal brand! #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: @brandchat Indeed, you must have people who support the vision. Separate brand protects you personally & allows others an id #brandchat

karimacatherine: In this place we are now,w personal branding is becoming mainstream, serious thought shld be given for Anyone in business #brandchat

cwebpresence: Remember, your (or your client’s) business is an entity… give it a name… then give it a personality. Just say’n. #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: Q3: personal brand vs biz brand it is a blance – I chose Soc MEdia name Cathy + Brand, not real name or co name – middle road? #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q3 this is a good time for me to say personal brand is not about marketing yourself to masses #brandchat

makasha: Q3 @DavidSandusky I agree. Its about presentation there should be something desirable about a brand before a pitch is made #brandchat

Q4:How does Small Business Branding compare to Enterprise branding? How did social media influence this relation?

karenswim: I would distinguish between “personal brand” and injecting humanity into business #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @cwebpresence sometimes, your/your client’s personality is very much the personality of the biz. #brandchat

Perpetuallabs: #brandchat #branding is Scalable on all levels of business. There is no such thing as a small brand. #SocialMedia only ids a need to brand

cwebpresence: If your name is your business, ie; @chrisbrogan, then.. well.. that’s what you build value around. But what are the odds? #brandchat

olgayefimova: &his jeans, a sweater, a big image behind is the Apple’s style of presentations) @MrWordsWorth Certainly. Jobs is seen as Apple #brandchat

eamcc: Q4 #brandchat – Scale and risk. Entrepreneurs have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Social media offers low entry $.

neilmckenzphoto: Q4: Social media somewhat levels the playing field between small bus and enterprise brands – only somewhat. #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: A co, work, brand creator sometimes treats it like the child s/he always wanted & never lets go – all lose. #brandchat (via @GetResults)

karenswim: @MrWordsWorth I view branding as a planned strategy that of course is impacted by market acceptance #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: Q4: Nothing’s changed, except the tools look different today. Brand must still mean something inherently #brandchat

karimacatherine: This is where @johnantonios question about size of business was relevant. small biz ranges from 1 to 500 pple, its too wide #brandchat

BrandsAnatomy: Q4: A small biz brand’s best tool has always been word of mouth. That word can travel faster now #brandchat

karimacatherine: solo/entrepreneurs will not have the same challenge as a 50 pple companies or a 300 pple business. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q4 no different at all. Managing brand values strategy. Marketing? that is a different #brandchat

JohnAntonios: A4: i write something about this in my blog about Social Media Leveling the playing field http://goo.gl/Ihhr – it gave equal opp #brandchat

karimacatherine: Can you really predict the trajectory a brand will take. you can plan but a brand has its own destiny. #brandchat

cwebpresence: Any business venture is an enterprise by definition. No dif in branding… only in options created by financial resources. #brandchat

JohnAntonios: before social media, brands used to be ranked by how much ad money they could spend and reach – now they compete on quality #brandchat

CASUDI: A4: SM and SOCOM make branding a small biz possible w/o big cost of old days ~ and FAST #brandchat but Brand is still brand 🙂

JohnAntonios: @BrandsAnatomy i do agree with you – it’s 100% equal, but it’s 100 x more fair now – don’t u think? #brandchat

alanunderkofler: enough? Can you truly ever have enough customers? And if you do its time to clear the bottom 20% #brandchat

cwebpresence: Social media expands the opportunity for small .. really small.. businesses to be seen within their market or vertical. #brandchat

GetResults: Q4 – Sm v Entereprise branding are both a matter of scale and potential. Sm must focus/concentrate, Ent can spresd like butter #brandchat

Pitch, Plugs. C2A, etc

brandchat: Next week’s THEME: Big Biz and Non-Profit Brands. Be sure to post ur possible ?s + disc topix at http://thebrandchat.com #brandchat

karimacatherine: If anyone interested in what I wrote about Social Media being the equalizer, please visit http://ow.ly/1gCJD #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: #CtTip #4: Go follow and/or add 2 lists those you interacted with on chat, B4 you forget! #brandchat

PUBLISIDE: Thanks for #brandchat, y’all. Must replace this eye with #USFBulls 2nd round Big East Tournament game. (Part of MY brand!) #brandchat

DavidSandusky: added five new value adders to http://twitter.com/DavidSandusky/brandchat see you next time! #brandchat

wiseoneltd: Check out www.TheBrandQuiz.com #branding #brandchat


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