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Q1:Are brands personal or impersonal?

Brad42Fish: A1: Brands are personal to consumers. Your brand (personal or corporate) is what people think, feel + say about you. #brandchat

isfalk: @brandchat depends on your definition of a brand #brandchat

Brad42Fish: A1: But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that personal brands and corporate brands are same thing. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: A good brand is personal – personal to customers, employees and all of those who interact with the organization. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: A1: Personal brad is brand of a person. Corporate brand is brand of company, product, service, or organization. #brandchat

brandingexpert: #Brands are not human, if that’s what you mean. BTW, “personal” is not really the opposite of “impersonal” in this discussion. #brandchat

denvan: Brands are IMPersonal in the sense that they exist apart from the “person” or company that creates them. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q1 many business fail b/c they don’t know how to make the brand personal #brandchat

isfalk: A brand is about business, business is not personal. personal is your feeling about it #brandchat

sethgray: #brandchat A1: if a brand is a person’s perception of your company/prod/service, then yes, it’s personal.

brandingexpert: “Iimpersonal” denotes lack of concern for others. A cold, stand-offish approach. #brandchat

denvan: Creating a brand is like creating aTwitter Hashtag: you have creds in the discussion, but you don’t “own it. #brandchat

duxdlux: To an extent corporate brands have to separate themselves from a specific persona, but consumers need to make a personal connx #brandchat

denvan: Yeah, the word “personal” is tricky here. Yes they have personality. People take them “personally” + YES persons build them. #brandchat

mariaduron: @brandingexpert – beg 2 differ (U like that @denvan?) #brandchat – small biz brands R brand of owner they still run every aspect of the ship

brandingexpert: #brand = Creating the perception of being the ONLY solution to YOUR PROSPECTS’ problem. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Part of mrktg is telling the story. Being prof but adding some personal makes a better story. #brandchat

isfalk: all u cn do is work rlly hard on a perception U wnt 2 giv . association w/ certain values. is it personal b/c of that? #brandchat

brandingexpert: @mariaduron Nyet. The owner is the owner. The #brand is the brand. The business is branded, not the owner. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Brands don’t exist apart from the company or person that creates them – brands are real. Advertising might exist apart. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: @brandingexpert what about where the personal brand is the person and not a business e.g Mother Theresa? is it the cause? #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: @brandingexpert – An open mind is a terrible thing to waste. #brandchat

denvan: @brandingexpert: My Definition of #branding: How people find you, remember you, and tell others about you. #brandchat That makes money.

jemcgrew: Q1: Throwing this out impersonal brand goes against setting a tone for your corporation…impersonal = no personality #brandchat

DavidSandusky: @fuelbranding yes small biz owner needs to replace self. good brand means you trust to fund them to do it again or by her model #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: From my perspective Brands are personal because they have a relationship with their consumers #brandchat

brandingexpert: @mariaduron: “It just is, like it or not,but sml biz owner is brand” <– Dream on. I’ll see you at the finish line! 😀 #brandchat

mariaduron: @duxdlux I TOTALLY agree! That’s what makes succession planning a probl. But, it’s true + it’s where small biz starts #brandchat

merylevans: Q1 Brands *should* be personal to connect with and tug customers. But are they always? No. Especially business-to-business. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: @brandingexpert When a person acts contrary to their personal brand then this becomes their new personal brand. #brandchat

brandingexpert: @neilmckenzphoto: When a person acts contrary to personal brand this becomes their new personal brand. #brandchat <– Which proves the myth.

jemcgrew: Q1: def. of impersonal – not personal; not representing a person; not having personality; not having a subject #brandchat

merylevans: Q1 Too many businesses create a problem and sell their solution rather than personalize brand to fit what customer truly needs. #brandchat

jemcgrew: @brandingexpert not necessarily…the consumer can drive the brand, especially when the Brand is part of controversy #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: Martha Stewart and Oprah – Both Brands, Both Represent People and their values…in fact fortunes built on it #brandchat

brandingexpert: Now, if you ask if a #brand should have a PERSONALITY to which humans can relate, I’d say absolutely, yes. #brandchat

gjergj_d: Q1: Brands in and of themselves have no value, but that given by consumers. Some take on personal values, some remain impersonal. #brandchat

wvpmc: problem with small biz owner being a large part of the brand is all cust want to deal with owner – need to empower others #brandchat

duxdlux: @jemcgrew Where would the Oprah and Martha brands be without the “products” they’ve chosen to label? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: A1:A company can only decide what it want its brand to be. You give audeince the tools with which the audience defines brand. #brandchat

duxdlux: Martha Stewart is good example of separation personal/brand. In her jail stint editorial ctrl changed, etc. Brand not so changed. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: @artbynemo Artists who have a brand – check out Thomas Kincaid. Not my taste in art but a very successful brand. #brandchat

rlavigne42: Q1 many business fail b/c they don’t know how to make the brand personal #brandchat (via @DavidSandusky)

Q2: How do programs that clean UR name, fix UR reputation affect UR brand?

brandingexpert: Q2: If your #brand strategy is well-defined, you can handle any crisis by using it as a foundation. #brandchat


brandingexpert: IF your #brand strategy is articulated, it’s also eminently defensible. Impervious to attack. #brandchat


neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Great example of fixing your brand- health insur ads going on now -Guess they are the only solution huh @brandingexpert #brandchat


paulcopcutt: Q2 a company that specialises in this area might be a better route – look at celebs who mess up – in step the experts. #brandchat

mariaduron: #brandchat Q2:Really programs that do that only push the negative stuff lower on Google search. Can be done w/focused effort on engaging

brandingexpert: That’s b/c in order to harm your #brand, attackers have to undermine your #brand strategy claims. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q2: See PR, marketing, advertising in the steering role. “Positioning”, retooling the “face” of the brand #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2 programs that clean reputation are not mrktg/ad/PR. that is problem;look inside (brand) #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q2 @mariaduron and Google is only one place. If your brand is tarnished it will reach beyond Google #brandchat

brandingexpert: I advise clients NEVER let agencies do your #branding. YOU do the #branding. Let THEM execute it. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: @brandingexpert Agreed, those ads make them feel like puppies you would like to hug, maybe even invite them to dinner – NOT! #brandchat

mariaduron: @paulcopcutt YES!!So, agree – Google is gr8 but not the only place that WOM is generated #brandchat

Kevin_PriceCom: @brandingexpert Q2: a well-defined #brand strategy is a guide for making all decisions in a company including crisis management #brandchat

duxdlux: RT @DavidSandusky: Q2 programs that clean reputation are not mrktg/ad/PR. that is problem;look inside (brand) >> yes, deeper prob #brandchat

denvan: Q2. Strong brands, customers carry you through crises. New Coke is an example of this as well. That blunder would KILL most corps.#brandchat

wvpmc: @brandingexpert can you clarify how you distinguish “do” and “execute” please? where’s the line? #brandchat


brandingexpert: @wvpmc “DO” = creates the #brand strategy. “EXECUTE” = creatively expressing the strategy to the marketplace. Ads, PR, web, etc. #brandchat

Q3: What are the merits/dangers of going head to head w/a brand? Is there a winner or loser?

merylevans: Q3 Well, I believe most brands have something different from others and it’s a matter of the customers’ needs and preference. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: How can you not go head to head with your competitors brand? #brandchat


duxdlux: Q3: what do we mean by “head to head”? #brandchat

brandingexpert: That way, you provide the #brand parameters of what your agencies should/should not do. Guidelines. #brandchat

denvan: Q3 In a clash of brands, customer loyalty wins. Look at brand values of Apple (rising) vs. Microsoft (stagnant) #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: I suggest going after another brand only if you are the underdog and in some way superior. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q3 many companies copy those “best to work for” but never implement the culture-best stays best #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2: I say if you aren’t going head to head with competition you are missing opportunity…Market share defines winner #brandchat

brandchat: @duxdlux Head 2 Head – mac vs pc, fast food chain vs. another – helpful examples? #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q3 Danger: you allow your competitor to define your strategic landscape. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q3: Think brand is best served by focusing on what YOU have to offer. Be who you are and communicate that. #brandchat

brandingexpert: @Brad42Fish Actually, pointing out how others do it wrong is one of my favorite & most effective #branding tactics #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: Maybe you don’t mention them by name – how about Brand X? #brandchat

brandingexpert: Nothing wrong in pointing out how your #brand does it better — and why. It provides clarity end users want. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: If you are the leader, I’d suggest not addressing the competition in public. Keep an eye and respond in actions, not words. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: If you have a competitive advantage – use it and tell everyone. #brandchat

denvan: Q3 Smaller brands often win by focusing on the ONE thing customers REALLY value. Bigger players try to please everyone. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: @brandingexpert because #brand will actually deliver what #marketing promises. BRAND LEADS #brandchat

SJAbbott: Q3 #brandchat Creative messages can go head to head w/ competition, but your brand must be defined on your own. You are your own story.

Q4: If a personal brand has a backbone, what is it?


merylevans: Q4 Calling out its competitors. Mentioning competitors in ads, web site, etc. #brandchat


neilmckenzphoto: Q4: This ought to be interesting. @brandingexpert ? #brandchat


denvan: Q4: Follow all the rules of regular branding. Serve. Connect. Repeat. A personal brand is just a brand after all. #brandchat


Brad42Fish: Q4: Why do we act like personal branding is so much different than corporate branding? #brandchat


brandingexpert: Q4: “If a personal brand has a backbone, what is it?” The ability to suck in neophyte to pay for programs that don’t work. 😀 #brandchat


duxdlux: @Brad42Fish @brandingexpert But I think “debunking” published claims speaks to integrity #brandchat


Brad42Fish: Q4: We do corporate branding for an organization/product/service. We do personal branding for a person. Same process. #brandchat


DavidSandusky: Q4 find your backbone, stay true to what you stand for. Influence. values #brandchat

brandingexpert: Example: A photographer may be a swell guy, but his photography stinks. Who cares what his “personal brand” is” #brandchat


neilmckenzphoto: Q4: Although true in too many cases, a bit harsh. I kind of like your personal brand even though you think you don’t have one. #brandchat


Brad42Fish: @brandingexpert The quality of his photos are part of his personal brand, just like the quality of a car is part of GM’s brand. #brandchat


brandingexpert: Problem w/ personal branding is that it focuses on self-involvement which is easier than true business strategy, so it sells. #brandchat


Brad42Fish: @brandingexpert Q4: I agree that emphasis on personal branding by some is WAY overdone, but can be valuable for many. #brandchat








Pitch, Plugs, C2A, etc.



jemcgrew: PLUG: Marketing/Graphic Design/Photography all at – feel free to drop us a note! #brandchat


paulcopcutt: thx for the lively discussion as always, 4 just my toonies worth of personal brand tips go 2 (expand) #JMTW #brandchat


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brandingexpert: PLUG: The book, Do drop by when you get a moment…Thanks! #brandchat


neilmckenzphoto: Pitch: 30 years advertising and marketing experience combined with master photography make up my personal brand. #brandchat


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Kevin_PriceCom: @DenVan Ditto, see you around the #brandchat. Absolutely #GOPHILLIES


Brad42Fish: 42Fish is a creative soltuions firm that helps clients create their desired reactions thru branding, mktg, advertising + design. #brandchat


DavidSandusky: PITCH: Would U like 2 continue convo more indepth? You can right here: #brandchat (expand)


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Q1 is on the floor 4 #brandchat: Q1: If I tweet or write about a clients website, am I violating FTC rules?

damienfranco: @mariaduron I think that would depend on whether it’s a review or if it’s news about the website? #brandchat

mariaduron: @damienfranco I would tend 2 agree. News is one thing but if UR reviewing saying their awesome, need 2 disclose #brandchat

damienfranco: @mariaduron yeah, but can we don’t have room in twitter for “full disclosure” #brandchat

Brad42Fish: I agree with @damienfranco. If you announce a launch or feature or even a product, no problem. Acting like a huge fan, risky! #brandchat

unhatched: Q1: I think it depends on how involved what you say about the site is #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: This would probably depend but either way the best thing in these times is transparency. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: If the FTC regulates bloggers like it does its other responsibilities, it is a dog with a bark and no bite. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Also probably depends on whether you’re veiwed as expert/celebrity and the site is related to your expertise/fame. #brandchat

GetResults: A1 – As I understand new FTC guidelines, disclosure (goodies/$$$) &/or “beyond typical results” claims R issues, Easily remedies #brandchat

brandingexpert: #brandchat Q1: IMHO, As long as you add some REAL value to the conversation, nobody minds a little soft self-promotion.

Brad42Fish: But honestly, FTC probably has far bigger concerns than if I buy flooring from #brandchat

unhatched: q1: Wouldn’t you have to be one heck of an evangelist before the FTC would get involved? #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: The thing with the FTC rules is they may leave you alone…but when they don’t it is going to be painful..better to be safe #brandchat

brandingexpert: #brandchat Whether you’re a paid/unpaid reviewer, the truth is your best friend…

GetResults: @Brad42Fish Journalists and PR folks struggling w this, as well, Wanting to be transparent, still do job. #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: I want to believe that if you can’t make disclosure, then maybe a reevaluation of what is being written is in order #brandchat

nomadofdesign: Q1: If the information u were mentioning was not public publicly known, or gave away company secrets. I don’t see FTC caring. IMO #brandchat

mariaduron: @damienfranco, think in Twitter it’s challenge, can do several tweets, like #brandchat, or use Twitwall #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q1: Are we violating the FTC rules … Yes or No ? #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q1 Honestly, are the new regulations well established enough for anyone to be confident about what will and what will not work? #brandchat

lindsaydavies: Tweeting about a website can only allow so much promo & virtually no disclosure – unless a hashtag for transparency was created #brandchat

brandingexpert: #brandchat I always use the truth for clients, b/c it’s the last thing anyone expects!

Brad42Fish: Q1: Just don’t make any claims that are bogus. And don’t try to fake anything. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Maybe twitter can add a feature that lets you put real small type at the bottom of your post – like the TV ads. #brandchat

thesmartmama: Q1 – I think FTC liability of companies for inaccurate statements by bloggers is much more trouble than disclosure #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: @GetResults Q1: Yes, we are violating several laws but thanks to Twitter, we r at least have discussions to avoid some violations #brandchat

Q2: How would U recommend women handle the challenge of maiden name + UR personal brand?#brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2: Is this the challenge of what to do when someone gets married? #brandchat

brandingexpert: #brandchat Govt gets into stuff b/c ppl deceive others. If you DON’T deceive, your #brand has more credibility, trust & success.

duxdlux: Q2: really depends on the woman’s personal choice about maiden name. personal brand can grow/expand. marriage can be part of that #brandchat

denvan: Q2: Which challenges are you referring to? Whether or not to keep maiden name? #brandchat

thesmartmama: Q2 – Not sure I understand married name ?; I use maiden name, not married, no problem with branding #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Just like they would in real life. What name are you known by or what name do you wish to known by? #brandchat

denvan: Q2: My wife made a smart personal branding decision by not taking my 14-letter last name. Hers has only 4. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: @jemcgrew @denvan Q2 apparently many well know women struggle with name change re married, remarried #brandchat

brandingexpert: Q2: IMHO, women should keep their surnames professionally. Kids need a family name. #brandchat

brandingexpert: Q2: W/ a 50%+ divorce rate? A woman would be nuts to change her professional surname! #brandchat

duxdlux: Changing from maiden name to married in personal brand like branding in corporate name changes/mergers. plan it and launch #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2: Maria Shriver has actually been talking about the gender role changes…maybe you don’t have to change your name #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: I’ve seen many women use three names professionally, two personally. Example in next tweet. #brandchat

jemcgrew: It could be possible to be change your name and leave your company name…there is always hyphenation too #brandchat

denvan: Q2 It’s a shame we’re stuck with this archane “brand architecture” system. It’s too easy for men. #brandchat

unhatched: Q2: friend uses maiden for professional purposes even tho she changed it #brandchat

duxdlux: @brandingexpert Same could be said of corporate mergers/buy-outs in many industries #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q2 If U have established name as biz, can create confusion/issues if U start using it for personal. #brandchat

brandingexpert: Q2: Never mix biz w/ personal: In this information age, anything personal is TMI. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: Mary Jones gets married. Professionally: Mary Jones Smith. Personally: Mary Smith. #brandchat

unhatched: Q2: she says her personal brand isn’t a concern compared to her professional brand #brandchat

denvan: Q2: But for professional women not married yet, I’ve advised creating a 3rd-party brand for themselves to ease the transition. #brandchat

BGrabher: Q2: Personal brands can’t be set in stone. They need to evolve because people evolve/change (get married/divorced) #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: What happens when someone calls old employer for reference? “Never heard of her.” …unless maiden name is there. #brandchat

brandchat: @duxdlux agreed! It’s all mixed-up, difficult to dissect personal from professional life/image #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: Personal brands and professional brands will always mix. We’ve all neworked at our kids’ soccer games. #brandchat

brandingexpert: Q2: It makes more sense to keep a maiden name professionally, b/c it’s out there. How you’re called privately is nobody’s biz. #brandchat

GetResults: A 2 – It’s a combo of personal preference, deal w partner, UR branding – all at play in using/ not using married name #brandchat

denvan: RT @andrewmueller: @denvan You are speaking of identity not brand. >Me: Yes and yes. One builds on the other. #brandchat

Q3: Is influence a metric when measuring a brand – personal or business? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: Power to influence is definitely tied to brand strength. #brandchat

denvan: Q3 Measuring influence is like measuring weight in a vacuum. Not impossible, but is it worth the effort? #brandchat

unhatched: q3: absolutely influence is a metric – if you don’t have influence how much of a brand can you have? #brandchat

HuebnerPetersen: @denvan Agreed. “Influence” is vague and subjective. You know its good, but is it possible to accurately define & measure? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Chicken or egg? Does strong brand give more power to influence? Or does strong ability to influence make more powerful brand? #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q3 IMO influence is major ASSET of brand, SM or trad. Measurement a challenge. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q3: Influence has to be quantified to be a valuable metric. Based on goals, could be mentions, recns, follows, click-thrus #brandchat

brandingexpert: Q3: #brandchat For me/my clients, the only “influence” that counts is revenue. Everything else is an attempt to justify a paycheck.

Brad42Fish: powerful brand? valuable brand? lovable brand? trusted brand? influential brand? Are they synonimous? #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q3 influence: strong brand changes perception of say, an industry. @southwestair #brandchat

GetResults: A 3 Can “influence” be measured w/o a qualifier – $, Visibility, invites, etc? #brandchat

atownley: Looks like #smm metrics discussion going on a bit on #brandchat today too. #smchat ppl may want to check transcripts later

Brad42Fish: A brand is influential if it helps create the desired reaction. #brandchat

GetResults: A 3 – if influence is seen as “permission” – to extol, to purchase, to endorse? Still, needs more definition #brandchat

denvan: Q3 No of course influence is more than direct revenue. It is the power to move people / issues / thoughts. #brandchat

andrewmueller: @GetResults influence is the ability to get others to take the actions, measured by definining the action, benchmarking, etc. #brandchat

sethgray: Influence is a goal, not a metric. #brandchat

andrewmueller: @denvan Yes but they are not equal and create confusion when used interchangably #brandchat

duxdlux: @andrewmueller I’d argue ideals are people connecting w/ people they want to be like. you don’t build relationshps with ideals. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @brandingexpert But not all brands are created to generate revenue. Desired reaction might be votes, change in behavior, etc. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q3 Goals of influence can be $$, actions (volunteers for event, for ex), attitudes. #brandchat

Q4: Do you use a brand map or personal brand map similar to this? What’s different? #brandchat

HuebnerPetersen: Good model: measure branding activity over time & compare to sales revenue, transactions, & customer interactions over time #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: Never used a chart quite like that one, but it looks like a good approach. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q4: This brand map certainly make brand development easy to understand – LOL. (expand) #brandchat

duxdlux: Q4: Very interesting approach. Haven’t use it. #brandchat

andrewmueller: @mariaduron That map is a brainstorming method that is a precursor to strategy #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q4: The map is nice but I love to express personal brand in very simple map that doesn’t make people scared #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: Everyone has variation of same techniques for defining brand. As longs as yours works for you &/or your clients… #brandchat

GetResults: A 4 – Have used similar techniques (Goldratt based) for productivity 4 yrs. Can work if used consistently. So can post-it notes #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q1 + Q4: Do I violate FTC rules if I post the map on my Facebook profile #brandchat

Pitch, Plugs, C2A, etc

GetResults: PITCH – Helping you find creative solutions & grow your business. CALL 2 ACT – @getresults 4 FREE initial consult #brandchat

Brad42Fish: 42Fish is a createive solultions firm that helps clients create their desired reactions thru branding, mktg, advertising + design #brandchat

brandingexpert: Blatant self-promo: The book: The branding guy: Drop on by! 😀 #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Pitch: Creating great people and product photography with impact. #brandchat

denvan: Pitch: 1) Beg to Differ is looking for great brand stories and discussions. 2) Brandvelope has space for naming clients. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Pitch: I provide creative services (writing, design, SM, etc) to clients including utilities, education, healthcare, prof servs. #brandchat

jemcgrew: Pitch: visit for writing/graphic design/photography/marketing expertise. Great rates for brochures, etc #brandchat

denvan: Oh, and read about my chicken sandwich: #brandchat

We delved even further into the topic of personal branding and how it compliments or deters from a corporate brand.  Enjoy the recap!

Q1: How can we keep corporate+personal brands separate? (i.e. Bill Gates, Richard Branson)

chareeklimek: @brandchat Great Q1. Are we sure we’re even able to keep them separate any longer? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: Shouldn’t be hard for big brands, can de very hard for small prof service companies. #brandchat

mariaduron: #brandchat Q1: This is a perpetual ? b/c I C it supporting a growing biz yet being a deteriment 2 biz UR want to eventually sell.

Brad42Fish: Q1: In big companies, leader is just that, leader. In small firms, leader often is main piece of org’s brand. #brandchat

chareeklimek: agree with you @Brad42Fish however still believe lines will continue to blur. Personal absolutely affects corporate #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Why separate the brands,? Make it a continuum of branding – personal to team to corporate – very powerful. #brandchat

chareeklimek: It’s micro to macro – time 2 flip it. @paulcopcutt Make it a continuum of branding – personal 2 team 2 corporate – very powerful. #brandchat

pmarckworth: The personal brand of the company leader can be a huge asset to a corporation. But the two brands are separate. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: Bigger challenge is for small firms, where so much of firm’s identity is tied up in owners or other leaders. #brandchat

brandchat: pmarckworth The personal brand of the company leader can be a huge asset to a corporation. But the two brands are separate. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q1: People connect more readily with other people, so the personal brand is a vital part of building the biz brand #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q1 Largeness of personality is a BIG factor – for worse and sometimes for better… #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: In big firms, a conscious decision should be made as to how closely tied leader’s brand is to org’s brand. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q1: What happens when personal or team brands have a disconnect with biz brand? #brandchat

wvpmc: Q1 we know they’re separate when we see a disconnect – Whole Foods for example #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: If leader brand is part of corp brand also depends on product/service category. I don’t know leader of most brands I like. #brandchat

chareeklimek: @duxdlux lack of productivity, high turnover, lost revenue and broken and disgruntled brand voices in the community #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: EXAMPLE: Should the CEO of Corona (or parent company) make his/her personal brand part of Corona brand? Probably not. #brandchat

pmarckworth: RT @chareeklimek: @Brad42Fish but he should be making sure everyone in the company is rallied behind Corona brand #brandchat

Brad42Fish: RT @pmarckworth Q1 I think the question is whether the leader is the face of the brand. #brandchat

duxdlux: @pmarckworth Excellent point. Find the “face” of the brand and make sure there is no disconnect. #brandchat

Q1.2 What happens when personal or team brands have a disconnect with biz brand?

paulcopcutt: @duxdlux – if there is a disconnect than time to re-evaluate if they stay together – align the values. #brandchat

duxdlux: @paulcopcutt Seems personal brands must fall within an overall org brand strategy. Can be difficult with large personalities #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q1 I think the question is whether the leader is the face of the brand. It mostly doesn’t happen which is fine. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @DavidSandusky @duxdlux depends whether it enhances/offers positives or detracts from the company brand. Think mavericks. #brandchat

Q2: If U were 2 create a personal branding formula, what would it be?

chareeklimek: Q2: start with personal core values, beliefs, strengths/characteristics as well as weaknesses. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q2: Are we talking personal brand independent of organizations, or within org? #brandchat

brandchat: Rt @jenniferbourn A2: Focus on authenticity+relationship blg+provide consistent high-value content helps ur audience #brandchat #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q2 Formula for personal brand: what makes you unique, memorable, believable & important #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Personal brand formula: Authenticity and great results everyday. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2: PB=Being You + (Online + Offline) Reputation + Action #brandchat (expand)

Brad42Fish: Your presonal brand is what people really think of you. #brandchat

mariaduron: @pmarckworth LIke UR formula -tho not just believability, authenticity like @neilmckenzphoto listed #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q2 All abt finding pts of connection w/who U r, what U want, ur vision & ur niche(why I teach PowerConnecting) #brandchat

duxdlux: @brandchat Personal brand that exists within overall org strtegy might take on specific purpose not found in independent approach #brandchat

Brad42Fish: You may have desired personal brand that you create, but those with whom you interact are the ones who really control your brand. #brandchat

brandchat: @duxdlux agreed – think overall goal needs 2 b considered in communicating brand but doesn’t develop brand #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: Even more so than with corp brands, your personal brand must be authentic. Otherwise, you’re just a big fake. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q2 Interesting we agree how impt authenticity is, yet so many forget it in building and leading a brand… #brandchat

sethgray: @Brad42Fish and people don’t tolerate phonies any more #brandchat

duxdlux: @Brad42Fish Somewhere the personal branding has to meet up with the personal brand — what you’re trying to do with what you do #brandchat

Q3: How do you think the Letterman Brand is doing after the latest story? And, tips on Brand Management in a crisis? #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: I don’t think the latest Letterman flap has really affected his brand. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q3 Letterman took as much control as poss by quick response. But def some neg fallout. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: Letterman handled it in true Letterman style. Plus, he’s a comedian and talk show host – not politician. NO DAMAGE. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q3: Brings out “weakness” element in brand building/identification. Easy to overlook, but inherent in any personal or org brand #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: He might have legal damage, but virtually no brand damage. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q3 for personal brands in crisis – honesty, authenticity and ask for your communities support and feedback #brandchat

duxdlux: @paulcopcutt Also, take responsibility. There’s noone else to absorb the fallout, but you. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q3 -Agree comedian on brand Letterman’s biggest damage was 2 the trust in his marriage in my eyes that damages his personal brand #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q3 I think Letterman also handled it in line with his brand… #brandchat

duxdlux: Q3: Also brings out underlying perceptions. Was anyone really surprised by Letterman flap? No. In keeping w/ existing perceptions #brandchat

Q4: What do you think of the new FTC guidelines for brands+bloggers? #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: Q4: Lot of misinformation about the FTC’s new rules, including from the FTC itself. #brandchat

brandchat: Regulated disclosure is only required for those communications that are sponsored. #brandchat

brandchat: Celebrities now have a duty to disclose relationships beyond traditional advertising, e.g. on talk shows, Twitter, Facebook, etc. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: Honestly, I don’t know what new guidelines are. Suppose I probably should. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q4: I like the new FTC guidelines for bloggers – transparency. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q4 re FTC – not sure how much it will effect us here in Canada (yet!) – what are the implications for cross border branding?? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Do the new FTC regs have punishments assocatied with them? #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: Q4: Consumers also have to be smart — did they really think all these years that book reviewers have been buying the books? #brandchat

duxdlux: Q4: FTC guidelines are a natural step. Sets precedent for regulation of citizen media. Like the transparency aspect. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q4 I Going to b challenging-some positives some problems like tweets in 140 chars w/ affiliate links #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: Q4: Every time I use an affiliate link in an article I note that it’s an affiliate link. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q4 The easier the access, the more potential for abuse. Guidelines good idea. Will need to evolve as tech does. #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: @DrFernKazlow Maybe on Twitter we can use a hashtag code such as with al to let everyone know it is an affiliate link. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: The brand damage of not being transparent/honest could be worse than any fine from FTC. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: If I tweet about a client’s webstie, am I in violatino of FTC rules? #brandchat

Pitch, Plugs, C2A, etc.

Brad42Fish: PITCH: At 42Fish we help clients define and create their desreid reactions thru branding, marketing, advertising + design. #brandchat

denvan: @DavidSandusky Pitch: Looking for Time Management assistance to be able to attend the next #brandchat on time…

BlakeGroup: Pitch! I provide creative services (writing, design, SM, etc) to water utilities + public health, education, prof serv clients. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Check us out at (Do I have to disclose anything about my relationship with 42Fish? Don’t want FTC trouble.) #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Pitch #brandchat (does that FTC comply?!) wud luv u 2 spread word #JMTW (expand) 30 secs or less personal brand tips for a cause

neilmckenzphoto: Pitch: If you need some great business or personal brand photography combined with 30+ years marketing experience give me a call. #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: PITCH: My company has a $24.95 info package “What You Should Know About Branding” (expand) #brandchat

pmarckworth: Pitch: I create resonant, memorable brands that attract attention, engage interest & deliver on their promise. #brandchat

chareeklimek: #brandchat Pitch @Vocii helps companies brand & communicate from the inside out. Building trust+creating advocates of employees+customers.

DrFernKazlow: Pitch: I help people master the Inner Game of Branding – and maximize & monetize their business, brand, & SM. #brandchat

Q1 is on the floor : Is a personal brand earned or created? And, extending that is a biz brand…earned or created? Let’s discuss.

GetResults: Brands have always been rooted in reputation and utility. Why shouldn’t this apply equally to the “pers brand”? #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q1 IMO both – it must be strategically cultivated and managed, but there must be integrity at the core of all brands. #brandchat

pmarckworth: @GetResults I agree. A personal brand is based on making and keeping a clear promise. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Personal brand – you create it by earning it. If you just create it then it is just a mask. #brandchat

wvpmc: Q1 pers brand can be molded, but in SM era will quickly be called out if not in sync with what is actually earned #brandchat

brandchat: Some say PB (personal branding) is manipulative tactic to make urself look more valuable than u R…. #brandchat

lisakribs: Q1: Personal Brand – neither created or earned, you are what you are. any other representation is deception. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: @mariaduron personal brand evolves, message and communication is created, reputation and value is earned. #brandchat

Mikimel: A personal brand is both earned and created, just like any product’s package – one cannot exist without the other. #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: Personal brand in most cases is created by earning credibility that you then associate with your persona #Brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @mariaduron Q1 love the ??Think is has to be both created & earned (& u must cont 2 earn it and kept aligned) #brandchat

GetResults: @brandchat Pers Brand both created & earned. @ creation it’s what you want it 2B. Once launched, it is subject 2 mkt def #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: I see personal branding as marketing yourself…one of my professors used to say the most important thing you market is U #Brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @neilmckenzphoto I think pers brand is created as is corporate, but 4 both, must be aligned & authentic #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q1: I don’t understand where Blogger – David Spinks miss the point of personal branding #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q1: both earned + created. Create first, built by having value/knowledge/product/service. #brandchat

HuebnerPetersen: Q1 Branding is storytelling – in bot biz & personal realms. You create your story & the work to live up to it (earn it) #brandchat

GetResults: @lisakribs but itn’t it what you CHOOSE to project – thus, YOU, but still crafted and MKT says, yes, or , no #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: You can create any personal brand (persona) you want on social media – living up to it is another story.. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q1 personal brand is created, earned and w/vision sustained. #brandchat

pmarckworth: RT @Mikimel: I see PB as packaging a professional service delivered by an individual. Scale is smaller; principles are the same. #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q1: Personal Brand = Being You + Reputation + ? #brandchat

GetResults: @HuebnerPetersen at the start, that’s true, but like parlor game, whispering ear 2 ear, msg takes on own life. #brandchat

lizisaacslwc: Personal Branding is more than just representation, it’s everything about you and UR p/s. U are R brand #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: @lizisaacslwc But my personal brand created by earning followers, fans and readers for my blog, right? #BrandChat

GetResults: @BrandMyCareer – these elements are mutually supportive but still have to pass personal and societal filters. 2 way street #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q1 As an executive recruiter, I know who will produce beyond their stay. Those pple don’t market self, brand speaks #brandchat

lizisaacslwc: @DrFernKazlow there are several misconceptions abt PB–we often don’t believe we’re pwrfl beyond measure. #brandchat

artcoaching: RT Q1:Creation is always personal interactions with biz challenges .Being created…it’s earned #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: @GetResults so how you do describe personal branding for those who miss it? #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @neilmckenzphoto It is clearer to ppl in corporate branding – yet if pers brand is out of whack, so is everything else #brandchat

paulcopcutt: @pmarckworth personal brand can extend beyond professional services, it is an opportunity for everyone to manage career/biz/self #brandchat

brandchat: RT @DavidSandusky Q1 As executive recruiter, know who will produce beyond their stay. Those pple don’t market self, brand speaks #brandchat

pmarckworth: @BlakeGroup I think PB is harder to define beacuse it requires honest introspection that then must be told as a compelling story. #brandchat

strategystew: Q1 I think the real challenge is creating a brand of any kind is not being clear on who you are and what you are promising . #brandchat

GetResults: @DrFernKazlow who will control it, indeed? I see it as sailing in a storm. Control is shared. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: @DrFernKazlow agreed – it is better to be a conscious competent personal brand than an unconscious incompetent one! #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q1later…read “Complications of personal brand simplified” for my thoughts (expand) #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q1: Can we agree about > Personal Brand = Being You + Reputation + Actions #BrandChat

DrFernKazlow: @lizisaacslwc Yes – and if we don’t own our power, same as in corporate arena, others will be happy use that 2 their adv #brandchat

Q2:Do you “get” personal branding? If so, why? Or do you see it as a ploy, positioning or stupid? Let’s discuss!

jemcgrew: Q2: I get “personal” branding. I view it as marketing myself and my talents. This may be in pursuit of careers, friends or family #Brandchat

lizisaacslwc: We often get confused w/mission/vision /slogan etc. and aren’t consistent in our prestentation, mktg , appearance etc. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: If personal brand is authentic then it isn’t a ploy, positioning or stupid. Authenticity is the key. #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q2: PB could be stupid thing before 5 years but today personal branding is positioning #brandchat

HuebnerPetersen: Q2 In SM, w/out branding, you’re a generic profile & stand for nothing. Personal branding is req to have an impact & fully engage #brandchat

lisakribs: Q2: PB isn’t a ploy, but it is seriously hyped. eventually i think PB will be a no-brainer in establishing yourself. #brandchat

GetResults: Q 2 Even w lg corps, pers brand has been there – founder, personality. Co’s moved away 2 separate 4 market valuation reasons. #brandchat

lisakribs: 12 yr olds with facebook pages are PBing as we speak #brandchat

HuebnerPetersen: @neilmckenzphoto Agreed. Authenticity is key for any kind of branding (personal or business) #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q1/2 Old school: resume SM connected world: PB #brandchat

paulcopcutt: @BrandMyCareer SM has raised the profile of PB to whole new level. Also transient work habits and expectations drive PB #brandchat

So, how do YOU define personal branding – in 140 chars or less? #brandchat

BlakeGroup: PBs not new; SM as tool to go global w/ them is new! Makes PBs expected, easier to see others’ PBs. #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q2: Personal Branding = Being You + (Online + Offline) Reputation + Actions #brandchat

GetResults: Pers branding is everything you project in the marketplace to help discover & benefit from alignments w market wants/needs #brandchat

wvpmc: biz brands generally better at incorporating mrkt res into product devel – pers brand often what would like market to buy #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Personal brand = the real you. #brandchat

pmarckworth: PB: what makes you unique, memorable, believable & important #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q2 – Everyone has a personal brand, it’s recognising what it is and communicating it to the right people that makes it effective. #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q2 pre SM world: resume. SM, connected world: PB. Its about being strategic in the ways that we communicate w/ each other now. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2 define: true understanding of what your brand stands for and deliberate action to live your values based mission #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2 brand strategy is a tool required to build and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage #brandchat

HuebnerPetersen: Q2, part 2: PB encompasses the tone, content, & frequency in which you post, respond, & interact. #brandchat

brandchat: RT @paulcopcutt Q2:Every1 has pers brand, it’s recognising what it is+communicating it 2 right people that makes it effective. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q2:Good PB is aligning/connecting who u r, w/ niche, wht they need, & makes u the only go 2 person they want #brandchat

lisakribs: Q2 PB in 140 characters: you. #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q2: RT @paulcopcutt: @williamarruda says: “Personal branding is permission to be yourself.” #BrandChat

DavidSandusky: Q2 brand management for your career includes market analysis, pricing, value prop.-it is more work then just “being you” #brandchat

Mikimel: #PersonalBranding is the process of differentiation and preference creation for an individual through #design. #brandchat

CathyWebSavvyPR: A2 Personal Brand = Who you are + What you do + How you look in person + How you act online + Work you actually DO #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2 for later read…”Brand Manager for your career” – (expand) #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: @GetResults – agree, maybe the hook is “nobody but you”. #brandchat

brandchat: RT @DavidSandusky Q2 brand mgt 4 URcareer includes market analysis, pricing, value prop.-it is more work then just “being you” #brandchat

Mikimel: Just like any brand – personal brands must be authentic, relevant and compelling – All of which is achieved by good design. #brandchat

lizisaacslwc: @BrandMyCareer Yes & No. If people see U are consistent in UR words, thoughts and deeds -they will seek you out naturally. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Already probably been said, but: Personal branding follows same basic rules as any branding. #brandchat

artcoaching: Q2 It begins as an attempt to do your work well, and ends with being branded. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2 why many are annoyed w/personal branding (including me) most don’t know brand mngt, strategy. it’s a buzz phrase #brandchat

Mikimel: Nobody knows who you are better than yourself. PB is communicating your strengths to an audience that can benefit from your help #brandchat

repdef: Often, Personal Branding = How You Appear in Google Search Results. If your rep is weak online, they may never find you offline. #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q2 Your PB is the residue of your life’s work! #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: personal brand is a different way at loking at professional reputation. You’ll manage it better if you think of it as brand. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: You can influence your brand, by making the decisions that support your desired brand. People around you define your brand. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q2: Be aware: U can have a personal brand and not go anywhere. A Mercedes in the garage won’t run w/out gas! #brandchat

Q3: What to do w/messy brand or over extensions of brand? Share UR thoughts (expand ) #brandchat

Brad42Fish: What unique thing do you offer people in a way that’s different (better) than other people? #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q3: Look at total PR/mrktg/sales/SM plan + align.Listen to custs, emplyees, research. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: I kind of like the Intel stickers – tells me what is inside. How else would I know what I am getting? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Every brand extensions must be carefully considered. Does it strengthen current brand? Does it strengthen new brand? #brandchat

GetResults: @brandchat brands are Intellectual Prop, line extensions reinforce the franchise. Intel made it confusing – Counter productive. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: If brand extension doesn’t strengthen both current and new brand, dont’ do it. Maybe you should launch unrelated new brand. #brandchat

GetResults: @neilmckenzphoto if the unit works, do you really care? One of the good points of the article, has Intel lost the “care” link? #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q3: The only thing to do with a mess is clean it up. You have 2 step back & refocus the brand on the future and where u want 2 go #Brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q3 @Starbucks instant coffee great example – is this a good brand extension? – may not be messy (lol) but…..#brandchat

BrandMyCareer: @repdef Microsoft = Bing & Yahoo expecting to take 25% of search results soon so not only Google 😉 #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: If a brand is already a mess with brand extensions, it’s time to re-examine everything. What stays? What goes? #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q3 I think the car manufacturers have displayed how messy brand extensions can get #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @Brad42Fish Absolutely! If ur brand is a mess, it’s reflecting u, ur biz, or u don’t have what U think U have. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Shed brand extensions that weaken strength of the main brand. If they have place in market, relaunch under dif brand. #brandchat

GetResults: @BrandMyCareer Sadly, some in SM don’t “get” value of traditional basics, so can only pitch phrases. Sell lots B4 being exposed #brandchat

Pitch, Plugs, C2A, etc.

DavidSandusky: great job all! this will be a great recap on (expand) #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Pitch: @DavidSandusky will be holding a personal brand workshop in Denver – strategies and ideas for your brand. Don’t miss it. #brandchat

GetResults: PITCH – Helping you find creative solutions and growing your business. FREE initial consult #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Plus: 42Fish is a creative solutions firm that helps clients create their desired reactions thru branding, mktg, advtng, + design #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Pitch: Dr. K shows u how 2 identify & rid ur personal & biz brand of pond scum aka residue. Tweet 4 info. #brandchat

brandchat: @Mikimel Would luv 2 hear more about Brand Personality – maybe next chat or on Facebook page