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Q1: Which is better for a PB – LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter?

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Depends on your overall goals and audience, may have different audiences and goals. Match tool with task #brandchat

CASUDI: Q1~ My PERSONAL preference is LI & twitter (dont do FB) ~ Blog should be included in list #brandchat

ASegar: Q1: My experience (10 best, 0 worst): Twitter 10, LinkedIn 6, Facebook 1 #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @CASUDI Agreed. I would never brand on Facebook. I don’t even like being there. #brandchat

JoelCapperella: Q1: IMO it isn’t a matter of one over the other – all three need to be leveraged properly #brandchat

JoelCapperella: q1: LI – professional persona – sharing and participation #brandchat

leah_jean25: A1 All of those sites have different strengths/weaknesses. Depends on what your goal is #BRANDchat

JoelCapperella: Q1: FB – lighter sharing of professional in the personal #brandchat

OurDesignWorks: Q1: Depends on your intentions, but all three work. I’m wary of FB though, it’s the odd stepchild. #brandchat

LoisMarketing: #brandchat Q1 Also agree with @CASUDI and @MrWordsWorth Facebook only suited to certain types of business

JoelCapperella: Q1: Twitter – feed content to reinforce brand #brandchat

maltaee: Q1: What’s your business objectives? Where is your audience & what’s their needs? …etc. then choose your platform. #BrandChat

MrWordsWorth: @OurDesignWorks I just don’t like FB on principle, so I wouldn’t use it. #brandchat

OurDesignWorks: Q1: LI is the place to make connections, twitter is your place to show your personality and interact with your audience. #brandchat

Michael_Dilks: It depends on your audience. Groups use each communication medium differently #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: So what types of business would FB preclude? #brandchat

ASegar: @MrWordsWorth Same experience. LinkedIn is trending ↑ due to improved discussions. #brandchat

buona_vita: Q1: Linked in for detailed information, twitter to brand your personality #brandchat

JosephRosenfeld: Facebook can be great for microbusinesses and building greater awareness through current social connections. #brandchat

WriterChanelle: Q1. The most popular pages on FB are already known companies or “I hate waking up in the morning” and the like #brandchat

maltaee: Q1: 1st: Social Media Strategy | 2nd: Social Media Platforms. #BrandChat

OurDesignWorks: Q1: We’ve used LI to search for contacts and to scan our network #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q1 : All had been said. It really depends on personal objectives.Either way, make sure you don’t synch them unnecessarily #brandchat

WriterChanelle: Q1. The pages that are popular are havens for spammers. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: If FB isn’t working then you may have the wrong friends. Poor workman blames the tools? #brandchat

josephd: Q1: For a FB? I’m not sure the channel matters as much as the content. If it sucks, you’ll have zero engaged followers anyway. #brandchat

CASUDI: @catelouie LI getting more global when anyone wants to check you out ~ both PB and biz associations #brandchat

sherrylowry: All (FB, LI, Twitter) quite dependent upon what you actually contribute IN of value FOR exchange and reciprocal return #brandchat

karimacatherine: Actually, I know a few people who do very good on Facebook. they are personal brands as well #brandchat

maltaee: Q1: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. are just a medium tools. Human relationships & conversation are the key, period. #BrandChat

karimacatherine: @CASUDI: @LoisMarketing : There are a few people using FB as a business channel as well. #brandchat

BryanRicard: Q1. There’s no one best, as others said, they all have pros and cons. More about your strategy, not the platform. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: The South Metro Denver Chamber uses FB quite effectively to help its 1600 members build their brands. #brandchat

OurDesignWorks: q1: @leah_jean25 is right, maybe the outlet doesn’t matter as much as the content #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q1 I think non-profits can do well on FB. #brandchat

WaynesBNP: The Facebook peopel actually took time to read and go to other pages. SU and Digg barely did any. @kristirholmes @WriterChanelle #brandchat

ASegar: Q1: FB may B effective PB vehicle 4 sum. I don’t currently use it b/c a) 2 much extraneous personal info b) const changing rules #brandchat

kristirholmes: Q1: FB can be retooled to do more for ur brand w/ products like Tabsites that let u personalize it & turn it into a mini website #brandchat

karimacatherine: @maltaee : yes, well, brands are more *isolated* on Facebook than Twitter. let’s not go into semantic 🙂 #brandchat

JosephRosenfeld: What I don’t like about SM in general is when someone who wouldn’t say hello to me in an elevator still wants to “Friend” me! LOL #brandchat

Note_to_CMO: Q1: Sorry 2b late / PB means diff things at diff times. My LI voice/contacts materially diff than my FB or (gasp) even T worlds. #brandchat

sherrylowry: Q1 to me depends almost totally on where your own following also collects. I use mainly LI + Twitter, FB for xtra #brandchat

Q2:Can Your Personal Brand Be Adversely Affected By Who Follows You on Twitter?

JohnAntonios: Q2: definitely – i mean the people that follow you help grow your brand – take twitter for example – it’s the audience the counts #brandchat

bbenishek: A2: I know people say that your friends can be held against you, but I don’t like it all the same. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Yes! Some followers you don’t want. Most likely if you ignore them they will go away – like Pole Dancers.. #brandchat

CASUDI: @mariaduron re Q2 ~ IMO the answer is YES ~ & I have deleted followers AND not followed b/c of other’s followers ~ #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @JohnAntonios Absolutely. Is it the audience you want to connect with? Are you staying on brand in message/how you communicate? #brandchat

bbenishek: A2: At the same time, I find I don’t mind if the friends/followers for the brand add to its overall goodness! #brandchat

sherrylowry: Q2 i do notice when time who’s following. probably block at least a few every wk – based on THEIR following + tweets #brandchat

WriterChanelle: @brandchat True. Twitter just seems more focused to me. LinkedIn, as well. FB users seem to want prizes for commenting #brandchat

Note_to_CMO: Q2: Dont really think PB is negatively affected by who yr followers r – we’ve all got too much to do to track all this! #brandchat

VzFriend: Q2: I’m not sure it’s who follows you (numbers aren’t everything) but with who you choose to engage. IMO that matters most #brandchat

buona_vita: Q2: I do not think who follows you affects your brand, but who you retweet and chat with does. #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q2 : there’s a discussion as to if PB are relevant or not. I guess, the answer to Q2 depends on how you treat social networks #brandchat

kristirholmes: q2: That old adage “birds of a feather” is even more relevant w/ SM I think. Friends/Followers can definitely impact ur brand #brandchat

maltaee: Q2: You are who you network with the most whether offline or online. #BrandChat

bbenishek: A2: Is this tied into that Klout factor? #brandchat

Note_to_CMO: Q2. Now, who chooses to RT you is another matter. That means a lot. Halo effect. #brandchat

ASegar: Q2: Start with follower/following ratio. >=1 OK. <<1 usually means tweeter is trolling for followers. #brandchat

catelouie: Q2: I think it depends on how you engage with those who choose to follow you. Or if they even engage with you at all #brandchat

JohnAntonios: Q2: brings me back to the whole autofollow concept – which i’m more inclined to be against – #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q2 : it is more Who you interact with that matters #brandchat

JohnAntonios: @Note_to_CMO i like the halo effect – or viral marketing which is the case in point here #brandchat

ASegar: Q2: I won’t follow folks who don’t RT regularly #brandchat

CatComWCU: @neilmckenzphoto If you have a fan page you can reach out past just your friends. Were you talking about a personal page? #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: @JohnAntonios Auto follow is for robots following robots. #brandchat

WaynesBNP: @WriterChanelle No, what I was saying was that my FB bounce rate was low. One of the lowest if you check the screenshot. #brandchat

LoisMarketing: #brandchat Q2: Also you can drive who is following you, engaging and RT’ing you. Just as you are being selective.

BryanRicard: Q2. If Twitter following will have any consequences, it will be who you follow, not who follows you. #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q2 I look for common interest &interaction with the people I follow & who follow me – don’t feel we’re defined by who follows us. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: @sherrylowry There are probably 100s of thousands who use autofollow – how do you explain many followers with no tweets? #brandchat

buona_vita: What about the DMs people send to everyone who follow them? Some with links are very impersonal. #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @LoisMarketing absolutely, but for some on Twitter, RT is an automatic process. They do it without reason/don’t add anything. #brandchat

leah_jean25: A2 The company you keep says a lot about you online and IRL #brandchat

bbenishek: @buona_vita Is it considered good etiquette to DM new followers, or are people not even paying attention due to spam? #brandchat

Q3: Where did you first hear about Personal Branding

sherrylowry: What does your first “in person” meeting do instantly for your brand impression of your virtual colleagues? #brandchat

ASegar: Q3: Why, on Brandchat of course! #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q3 so long ago I can’t remember… #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: I first heard of personal branding from one of the masters @DavidSandusky – really! #brandchat

bbenishek: Q3: Where did you first hear about Personal Branding #brandchat <@WriterChanelle #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q3 : trick question : ONline I guess because this is not a concept learned in business school. at least, not when I was attending #brandchat

MrWordsWorth: @WriterChanelle There are poor souls who don’t pay attention and get hijacked. I let that slide. #brandchat

brandchat: Q3: For me it was Pete Montoya’s book – “A Brand Called You” #brandchat

JonnieJensen: I 1st heard about #personalbranding at Lycos UK 2001. A women who had a book out did some TV stuff with us. I forget her name! #brandchat

yanina_s: @bbenishek for the first time heard about personal branding from @DanSchawbel #brandchat

BryanRicard: Q3. I heard about personal branding while I was in the womb, overheard the doctors chatting about it. #brandchat

karenswim: A3: It was a long time ago but I believe it really settled in via Kim Castle and brandu #brandchat

LoisMarketing: #brandchat Q3 Sense of personal branding throughout my career. My “look” and personality as well as my signature and “brand” on my work 🙂

sherrylowry: first heard of personal branding through people trying to make that a biz 😉 #brandchat

karimacatherine: What do you say to those who don’t believe in Personal branding concept? #brandchat

CASUDI: @mariaduron Q3 I was always into PB (over 25 years)~called it Personal Style (expand) ~when did words PB get introed? #brandchat

maltaee: Q3: I think either @tom_peters or @DanSchawbel or @williamarruda #BrandChat

catelouie: Q3: I always knew “personal branding” exsisted in theory but didn’t learn the the term until I joined Twitter #brandchat

VzFriend: Q3: It was when I had my first face-to-face tweetup with a bunch of my followers & they said “you’re so real, on & off line” #brandchat

Note_to_CMO: Q3: The Brand Called You by Tom Peters in FastCompany. #brandchat

Note_to_CMO: Q3: Back in ’97 – the concept has been around for a bit! (expand) #brandchat

Q4:How do U handle it when some1 wants to “pick UR brand” (as experts in our fields – this occurs) – refer to article,

karenswim: Q4: Just wrong on so many levels, I’m all for being helpful but don’t like being pimped #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q4: Consultants go through this every day. Good consultants know where the limit is. #brandchat

buona_vita: I do not mind helping people out, I can see how it might be annoying for SM experts with a large following though. #brandchat

karenswim: A4: I have a free consult & after that if you want my expertise it costs money #brandchat

CASUDI: @mariaduron Q4 ~ Often what I share just cant be imitated w/o help ~ and I am VEY helpful 🙂 #brandchat

WriterChanelle: Can you imagine if this chat were being held via phone or in a conference room #brandchat

Note_to_CMO: Q4: As w/ so many q’s, answer is ‘it depends.’ We tend to help each other when asked w/ sincerity. Lots have helped me. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: @brandchat Q4: Maybe you sell the sizzle not the steak. #brandchat

Note_to_CMO: Q4: But, if a complete stranger wants in-depth creative/execution help, w/ no context, ans is “sending proposal.” #brandchat

LoisMarketing: #brandchat Q4 I now receive many “Can you introduce me to …” . If you are genuine and have value I have voluntarily introduced you

Note_to_CMO: Q4: If we have some common interest, then form a relationship + mutually help. If 1 time thing, not as interesting! #brandchat

sherrylowry: fortunately “brain picking” is now becoming the anathema self-declaring your “expert” status has become #brandchat

catelouie: Q4: But what do you do when you’re just starting out, and just beginning to build your brand?Do you offer your services for free? #brandchat

LoisMarketing: #brandchat Q4 I never say “I’ll never” but our recommendations are always a reflection of us

Note_to_CMO: Q4: If we’re peers, OK to compare notes. If one-down (you want to be what I am), happy to give advice… #brandchat

LoisMarketing: #brandchat Q4 We should earn and have the confident recommendation of others, and should expect the same of those approaching us

Note_to_CMO: Q4: … if one-up (usual client/agency-consultant economic rel’ship), then improper to give lots of free advice. Get paid! #brandchat

sherrylowry: Q4 Very much like referring them to your blog (with hopefully a url) or your book (via what chapter) vs expounding/time shared #brandchat


Great chat this week and we explored the concept of personal branding – fact or fiction!

Q1: What R latest gr8test tools U’ve found 4 branding online?

McCourtRealtor: Q1: My blog’s been the best for me – not a new thing. My Facebook business profile is new + I think is gr8 venue 4 community #brandchat

aliciafalcone: #brandchat What is the definition of “branding online” Communicating the brand?

wvpmc: in alpha testing: blog-rating community from @scribnia #brandchat

aliciafalcone: communication of brand o/l &/or using sm for extending o/l brand presence #brandchat

craigritchie: Q1: Latest/Greatest Tools 4 Branding? I bristle at this question — strategy comes before tools, otherwise you are wasting time. #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q1 I have a minimal presence on LinkedIn & have dipped my toe into Facebook, but I’m pretty new to online branding. #brandchat

brandingexpert: Tools to raise awareness online are not branding tools. They’re advertising tools. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Visibility from twitter chats & answering questions at linkedin help showcase expertise & monetize brand of myself & my clients #brandchat

craigritchie: Best examples are where brands are using the tools that are established; rarely “latest and greatest.” #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: I found my blog to be a great tool for branding. Allows me to go further in depth about my philosophy about photog. #BRANDCHAT

VitreousHumor: Branding is branding, regardless of the medium. It is how well one communicates or utilizes the medium that matters #brandchat

craigritchie So, once strategy IS in place. What have U found new + helpful out there (of course, depending on strategy) #brandchat

dslatter: Q1.Its not really about the tools; everything needs to be in sync with your brand message & image #brandchat

employerbrander: the collective of individual voices shape a company/product/service’s brand – 1 way advertising no longer has trust #brandchat

VitreousHumor: @brandchat I think many are starting to get hung up on tools and forgetting fundamentals. There are no magic bullets #brandchat

JasonCBlais: @brandchat thoughts on this sequence: define what you are, identify your target audience, develop you’re message, deliver #brandchat

McCourtRealtor: @brandchat I’m looking it as sharing from collective wisdom + giving heads up. Not a debate about strategy or not #brandchat

JasonCBlais: @brandchat I get that analogy. I don’t disagree, just saying you have to account for delivery within strategy #brandchat

Q2: Some say personal brand do not exists. Some say they do. Let’s have a lively AND FRIENDLY debate about the subject.

jemcgrew: Q2: What are we qualifying as personal brand? Oprah? #brandchat

DavidSpinks: Personal branding absolutely exists…and its so important. Helped me get a job/create amazing connections. #brandchat

wvpmc: Q2 Personal brands – absolutely – not just celebs, important for those who position themselves as thought leaders #brandchat

DavidSpinks: @brandingexpert well isn’t your ultimate goal with personal branding to achieve a higher level of awareness? #brandchat

hiteshmehta: Branding is branding, regardless of medium. It’s how well one communicates or utilizes the medium that matters #brandchat RT @DrFernKazlow

employerbrander: RT @andrewmueller If you’re a corp Radian6 provides gr8 sentiment & mention monitoring tools, using reveals opportunity 2 engage #brandchat

craigritchie: @brandingexpert We are, though, at a point where “online marketing” is much more than just awareness tactics. #brandchat

VitreousHumor: @brandchat on Q2, I think the point of social media is the personal brand. Examples are Guy Kawasaki or Jason Calacanis #brandchat

jemcgrew: RT @wvpmc: Q2 Personal brands – absolutely – not just celebs, important for those who position themselves as thought leaders #brandchat

andrewmueller: @DavidSpinks not the ultimate goal would be to give your audience a gut feeling of who you are and the value you can bring 2 them #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2: Personally (har har) I think personal brands do exist…for years @PatMcGrew has been know for her thought leadership #brandchat

aliciafalcone: Agree that personal brand exists if individual (not just celeb) wants to think about themselves as such. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @aliciafalcone Advertising is a conveyance of your brand – so dual has a dual function. #brandchat

dslatter: Q2 for those of us running small biz’s then our personal brand is THE most important thing that defines us #brandchat

wvpmc: @brandingexpert @DavidSpinks more than awareness – also info, preference, purchase- depends on where UR in sales funnel #brandchat

aliciafalcone: Values and differentiation as much as thought leadership (TL) make up PB. TL really a strategy for communications #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @andrewmueller Agree – not it’s not just about awareness but abt being “the fix” for their problem. #brandchat

brandingexpert: @craigritchie Online marketing is a mix of discipline. Raising awareness is not included in branding. #brandchat

andrewmueller: @brandingexpert branding is making sure everyone and every product at every touchpoint provides the “right” experience #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: @brandingexpert Does a professional(lawyer..) or one person company have a “personal brand?” #BRANDCHAT

wvpmc: Branding defines your uniqueness – that intersection between what you deliver well + consistently,+ what ppl value, will pay 4 #brandchat

brandingexpert: IMHO, “personal branding” is a myth purveying false hopes by the uninformed to the uninformed. #brandchat

pmarckworth: RT @dslatter: Q2 for those of us running small biz’s then our personal brand is THE most important thing that defines us #brandchat

GetResults: UR personal brand is all the extensions/manifestations of your sustainable identity. Forging it is key. #brandchat

GetResults: Q2. We all have a brand – It’s how we’re known, picked off the shelf, as it were, chosen. #brandchat

MeasureCP: A professional always has a brand, as does a company. Can b tied together, altho you prob want to appear larger than 1 person co.#brandchat

DavidSpinks: @brandingexpert I would disagree, respectfully of course. An individual can create a strong professional personal brand. #brandchat

mariaelenaduron: #brandchat I even think Personal Branding exists 4 large retailers. The company is not only store front it’s the clerk I interact w/daily

andrewmueller: @brandingexpert that is very old school thinking that is just wrong! one falls into this trap when believe they control the brand #brandchat

brandingexpert: Identity is who you are. Brand is why they should care who you are. #brandchat

aliciafalcone: @brandingexpert rspctflly, disagree, think PB can be a way to think about managing career #brandchat

Brad42Fish: #brandchat Some people do honestly have crafted brands, but most don’t. But yes, we all have a brand.

MeasureCP: CEO of zappos. Has own personal brand, & corporate brand. He’s played on his personal brand very well 2 develop co brand #brandchat

Mikimel: Everything is branded. By default or by design. The brands only purpose is to create differentiation and emotional preference. #brandchat

McCourtRealtor: @brandingexpert I don’t agree. How do us separate a solo attorney from their practice? They R product , their smarts + style #brandchat

dslatter: Q2 even large corps have personal brands, they are called employees- especially important are those on the fronline #brandchat

aliciafalcone: if so, why not individuals?@brandingexpert: Identity is who you are. Brand is why they should care who you are. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @McCourtRealtor #brandchat Don’t let your personal brand get in the way of your company’s brand. It can limit the success of your company.

DavidSpinks: Pers Brand can be very natural and human. It’s establishing yourself in your career & industry in order to be trusted/recognized. #brandchat

brandingexpert: IMHO, “Personal branding” is just a shallow, masturbatory exercise that undermines the true essence of what branding is and does. #brandchat

mariaelenaduron: #brandchat True @mccourtrealtor. If dentist’s brand is he’s gentle dentist + he sells his practice to another dentist where’s the brand?

wvpmc: Personal Brand can be contextual – in your biz vs in your personal life, which may encompass other qualities, aspects of identity #brandchat

BrandAide: Personal Branding is another name for reputation management. #brandchat

brandingexpert: @McCourtRealtor A “personal brand” doesn’t help you against a larger competitor; it does just the opposite #brandchat

Mikimel: Marketers are trying hard to make brands behave like people with values+personalities…Now people are trying to behave as brands #brandchat

andrewmueller: @brandingexpert You will develop a personal brand regardless of whether you are aware, it is a result of interaction w/ audience #brandchat

lisahanockjasie: Yup. Branding’s where it’s at. Build brand-loyal customers-evangelists. RT @brandingexpert: Brand is why they should care… #brandchat

GetResults: @BrandAide that’s certainly one way of looking at it. People buy from those they like, respectd = reputation, not from snakes #brandchat

Brad42Fish: #brandchat Your company’s brand is the cumulative result of all interactions your audience has with/about your organization/product/service.

meghanmbiro: @employerbrander Clearly finding the right balance for people + business. People define + shape business. #brandchat

aliciafalcone: @BrandAide Think Personal Brand is more proactive, strategic process vs. reactive nature of reputation management #brandchat

hemeon: Branding is persuading emotions. #brandchat

GetResults: @aliciafalcone I don’t look at rep mgmnt as reactive, at all, needs to be coordianted with biz and other efforts for total #brandchat

Brad42Fish: #brandchat The real question is whether or not a personal brand is important or valuable to your business success.

DrFernKazlow: IMHO much of personal brand dispute is semantic & confusion abt essential aspect of biz branding- how U want 2 b perceived #brandchat

aliciafalcone: a brand is the stories your customer’s tell about you. Hopefully, same stories you tell about yourself. #brandchat

pmarckworth: personal branding comes back to brand promise and fulfilling that promise which translates into preference. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @McCourtRealtor #brandchat If the company brand is tied too closely to the personal brand, company can’t succeed beyond the person.

richmeyer: Getting dollars for branding is becoming harder as many question the ROI of branding initiatives #brandchat

MeasureCP: @Brad42Fish #brandchat: Failed banks CEO’s are prob. having a hard time finding work bc of comp brand their affected personal brand and vv

andrewmueller: @Brad42Fish Understanding what you just said is a gift,it enables u2 understand the customer dev process + make the right choices #brandchat

tmonhollon: @aliciafalcone But with personal branding, where does the line start? PB usually begins with you creating and sharing your story. #brandchat

Matt_uVizz: Why not let your customers build the brand? Their stories about your service and product define you #brandchat

employerbrander: If you’re interested in branding in any way, shape or form, I would suggest following @Brad42Fish & tune into #brandchat

andrewmueller: @Brad42Fish True, and creating a strong complimetary personal brand w/i context of the company is extremely beneficial in/out #brandchat

wvpmc: @Matt_uVizz your customers ARE building your brand – SM gives you the opportunity to stay in sync and make course corrections #brandchat

Mikimel: With the emerging social media there’s a huge need for people to differentiate+create preference. Branding is a valid tool. #brandchat

andrewmueller: @brad42fish, you use “cumulative” in your def of brand I prefer “gut feeling” cumulative impies it is somewhat static #brandchat

Matt_uVizz: Isn’t your brand your reputation? You can’t build that. You earn it. #brandchat

andrewmueller: When enough customers arrive at the same gut feeling about your product, service or company, you can be said to have “brand” #brandchat

Mikimel: Branding as a discipline and methodology can apply to individual professionals just as as well as it works for businesses. #brandchat

andrewmueller: That last statement holds true for personal brand, it is achieved by consistent values of the person interacting w/ the audience #brandchat

brandchat: @tmonhollon Yes, @danschawbel works 4 EMC + has his own strong personal brand as an author. Lends credibility 2 his co. position #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @andrewmueller #brandchat I agree with “gut feeling” cumulative just points to fact that everything impacts brand, not just mktg.

craigritchie: “Hopefully?” Hoping is the opposite of branding. #brandchat

andrewmueller: @Brad42Fish absolutely true beyond a shadow of a doubt! every interaction at every touchpoint affects the “brand” #brandchat

wvpmc: @Brad42Fish if your mrktg is not in sync with the way you actually do biz your branding attempts will be confusing #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @Matt_uVizz #brandchat In fact, your customers do define your brand. Your job is to give them the right tools/info/exp with which to do it.

gelbendorf: personal brand… what are your brand assets? what is the capsule? Are’nt we confusing brand and reputation? #brandchat

andrewmueller: @wvpmc not only confusing, they will fail to achieve your desired outcome #brandchat

pmarckworth: @tmonhollon Done well it’s an asset. If your personal brand makes you a competitor, you probably won’t stay at the company. #brandchat

wvpmc: In some regards, product branding is easier because product is static – PB is constantly evolving, need to monitor critical #brandchat

andrewmueller: @gelbendorf not at all, the capsule is corporate id, this used 2b synonomous w/brand but disregards the influence of the customer #brandchat

craigritchie: Q4: Is #brandchat becoming a Jets v Sharks dance-fight over the definition of “Branding,” “Identity” and “Reputation?” Time to pick a side.

jodinechase: Brands are about business, not people, even if it’s a one-person business. #brandchat (via @brandingexpert)

SirHendrix: Personal Branding is another name for reputation management. #brandchat (via @BrandAide)

Brad42Fish: #brandchat Thought: Is an organization’s brand in some ways made up of the personal brands of all its employees and customers?

Q3: Do you have a favorite niche generating process? (discussed during DIYMKT chat + would like to add more resources + thoughts 2 that discussion)!

Pitches, Plug, C2A etc.

DavidSpinks: Good chat…will be back. Plug: @Sribnia went public today after 5 months in development. Go review your fav bloggers/authors! #brandchat

MrGoogleAlerts: New blog post. Reputation monitoring with Google Alerts for a brand manager (expand) #brandchat #reputation

neilmckenzphoto: Thanks Brandchatters. Plug: Working on being the most well known people photographer in CO, one click at a time. See you next wk. #BRANDCHAT

DrFernKazlow: Power Connecting maximizes & monetizes your biz, brand, and SM – call or dm for info or strategy session! #brandchat

Thank you to @smallbiztrends (Anita Campbell) for the great mention in her recent posts about Tweet Chats: The Coolest Way to Network on Twitter”

Here’s what we’re wondering for the next #brandchat happening on TWITTER, live and streaming, Wednesdays, 10 a.m. CST.  Check the “How to” section on specifics of how to follow the chat in a focused manner and PARTICIPATE.  Your input valued and wanted!

For April 8th, 2009, 10 a.m. CST #brandchat

  • How have you created community around your brand (personal or company)?
  • How have you managed damage control around your brand (personal or company)? Or, what best practices have you observed/experienced?
  • What are your Steps – 1, 2 + 3 of how you manage your brand or company brand on a weekly basis?
  • Some people say you have to CREATE your brand others say COMMUNICATE it?  Your thoughts? What have you done?

Jump on in on Wednesday! And, here’s some food for thought for #brandchat!

#brandchat is a weekly discussion focused on the human factor of branding. Members of #brandchat are branding experts, personal branding specialists, brand strategists; people focused on managing their personal brand; executives managing and leading the “corporate voice”; those who are managing a corporate or organizational brand and realize the importance of each person’s brand in the delivery and the equation of that brand and the small business owner realizing that their own personal brand sets the tone and the authentic brand of the business.

The mission of #brandchat is to provide helpful information to any person wanting to have a better understanding or personal brand management and how it influences the productivity and effectiveness of the corporate brand promise.
The conversation takes place every Wednesday from 10a.m. to 11a.m. CST.To follow the conversation, go to or or It’s a live streaming conversation.

The first #brandchat begins February 11th, 2009