We delved even further into the topic of personal branding and how it compliments or deters from a corporate brand.  Enjoy the recap!

Q1: How can we keep corporate+personal brands separate? (i.e. Bill Gates, Richard Branson)

chareeklimek: @brandchat Great Q1. Are we sure we’re even able to keep them separate any longer? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: Shouldn’t be hard for big brands, can de very hard for small prof service companies. #brandchat

mariaduron: #brandchat Q1: This is a perpetual ? b/c I C it supporting a growing biz yet being a deteriment 2 biz UR want to eventually sell.

Brad42Fish: Q1: In big companies, leader is just that, leader. In small firms, leader often is main piece of org’s brand. #brandchat

chareeklimek: agree with you @Brad42Fish however still believe lines will continue to blur. Personal absolutely affects corporate #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Why separate the brands,? Make it a continuum of branding – personal to team to corporate – very powerful. #brandchat

chareeklimek: It’s micro to macro – time 2 flip it. @paulcopcutt Make it a continuum of branding – personal 2 team 2 corporate – very powerful. #brandchat

pmarckworth: The personal brand of the company leader can be a huge asset to a corporation. But the two brands are separate. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: Bigger challenge is for small firms, where so much of firm’s identity is tied up in owners or other leaders. #brandchat

brandchat: pmarckworth The personal brand of the company leader can be a huge asset to a corporation. But the two brands are separate. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q1: People connect more readily with other people, so the personal brand is a vital part of building the biz brand #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q1 Largeness of personality is a BIG factor – for worse and sometimes for better… #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: In big firms, a conscious decision should be made as to how closely tied leader’s brand is to org’s brand. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q1: What happens when personal or team brands have a disconnect with biz brand? #brandchat

wvpmc: Q1 we know they’re separate when we see a disconnect – Whole Foods for example #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: If leader brand is part of corp brand also depends on product/service category. I don’t know leader of most brands I like. #brandchat

chareeklimek: @duxdlux lack of productivity, high turnover, lost revenue and broken and disgruntled brand voices in the community #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q1: EXAMPLE: Should the CEO of Corona (or parent company) make his/her personal brand part of Corona brand? Probably not. #brandchat

pmarckworth: RT @chareeklimek: @Brad42Fish but he should be making sure everyone in the company is rallied behind Corona brand #brandchat

Brad42Fish: RT @pmarckworth Q1 I think the question is whether the leader is the face of the brand. #brandchat

duxdlux: @pmarckworth Excellent point. Find the “face” of the brand and make sure there is no disconnect. #brandchat

Q1.2 What happens when personal or team brands have a disconnect with biz brand?

paulcopcutt: @duxdlux – if there is a disconnect than time to re-evaluate if they stay together – align the values. #brandchat

duxdlux: @paulcopcutt Seems personal brands must fall within an overall org brand strategy. Can be difficult with large personalities #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q1 I think the question is whether the leader is the face of the brand. It mostly doesn’t happen which is fine. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @DavidSandusky @duxdlux depends whether it enhances/offers positives or detracts from the company brand. Think mavericks. #brandchat

Q2: If U were 2 create a personal branding formula, what would it be?

chareeklimek: Q2: start with personal core values, beliefs, strengths/characteristics as well as weaknesses. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q2: Are we talking personal brand independent of organizations, or within org? #brandchat

brandchat: Rt @jenniferbourn A2: Focus on authenticity+relationship blg+provide consistent high-value content helps ur audience #brandchat #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q2 Formula for personal brand: what makes you unique, memorable, believable & important #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Personal brand formula: Authenticity and great results everyday. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q2: PB=Being You + (Online + Offline) Reputation + Action #brandchat http://bit.ly/2AsP2M (expand)

Brad42Fish: Your presonal brand is what people really think of you. #brandchat

mariaduron: @pmarckworth LIke UR formula -tho not just believability, authenticity like @neilmckenzphoto listed #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q2 All abt finding pts of connection w/who U r, what U want, ur vision & ur niche(why I teach PowerConnecting) #brandchat

duxdlux: @brandchat Personal brand that exists within overall org strtegy might take on specific purpose not found in independent approach #brandchat

Brad42Fish: You may have desired personal brand that you create, but those with whom you interact are the ones who really control your brand. #brandchat

brandchat: @duxdlux agreed – think overall goal needs 2 b considered in communicating brand but doesn’t develop brand #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: Even more so than with corp brands, your personal brand must be authentic. Otherwise, you’re just a big fake. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q2 Interesting we agree how impt authenticity is, yet so many forget it in building and leading a brand… #brandchat

sethgray: @Brad42Fish and people don’t tolerate phonies any more #brandchat

duxdlux: @Brad42Fish Somewhere the personal branding has to meet up with the personal brand — what you’re trying to do with what you do #brandchat

Q3: How do you think the Letterman Brand is doing after the latest story? And, tips on Brand Management in a crisis? #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: I don’t think the latest Letterman flap has really affected his brand. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q3 Letterman took as much control as poss by quick response. But def some neg fallout. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: Letterman handled it in true Letterman style. Plus, he’s a comedian and talk show host – not politician. NO DAMAGE. #brandchat

duxdlux: Q3: Brings out “weakness” element in brand building/identification. Easy to overlook, but inherent in any personal or org brand #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: He might have legal damage, but virtually no brand damage. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q3 for personal brands in crisis – honesty, authenticity and ask for your communities support and feedback #brandchat

duxdlux: @paulcopcutt Also, take responsibility. There’s noone else to absorb the fallout, but you. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q3 -Agree comedian on brand Letterman’s biggest damage was 2 the trust in his marriage in my eyes that damages his personal brand #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q3 I think Letterman also handled it in line with his brand… #brandchat

duxdlux: Q3: Also brings out underlying perceptions. Was anyone really surprised by Letterman flap? No. In keeping w/ existing perceptions #brandchat

Q4: What do you think of the new FTC guidelines for brands+bloggers? #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: Q4: Lot of misinformation about the FTC’s new rules, including from the FTC itself. #brandchat

brandchat: Regulated disclosure is only required for those communications that are sponsored. #brandchat

brandchat: Celebrities now have a duty to disclose relationships beyond traditional advertising, e.g. on talk shows, Twitter, Facebook, etc. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: Honestly, I don’t know what new guidelines are. Suppose I probably should. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q4: I like the new FTC guidelines for bloggers – transparency. #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Q4 re FTC – not sure how much it will effect us here in Canada (yet!) – what are the implications for cross border branding?? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Do the new FTC regs have punishments assocatied with them? #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: Q4: Consumers also have to be smart — did they really think all these years that book reviewers have been buying the books? #brandchat

duxdlux: Q4: FTC guidelines are a natural step. Sets precedent for regulation of citizen media. Like the transparency aspect. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q4 I Going to b challenging-some positives some problems like tweets in 140 chars w/ affiliate links #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: Q4: Every time I use an affiliate link in an Examiner.com article I note that it’s an affiliate link. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q4 The easier the access, the more potential for abuse. Guidelines good idea. Will need to evolve as tech does. #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: @DrFernKazlow Maybe on Twitter we can use a hashtag code such as with al to let everyone know it is an affiliate link. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: The brand damage of not being transparent/honest could be worse than any fine from FTC. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q4: If I tweet about a client’s webstie, am I in violatino of FTC rules? #brandchat

Pitch, Plugs, C2A, etc.

Brad42Fish: PITCH: At 42Fish we help clients define and create their desreid reactions thru branding, marketing, advertising + design. #brandchat

denvan: @DavidSandusky Pitch: Looking for Time Management assistance to be able to attend the next #brandchat on time…

BlakeGroup: Pitch! I provide creative services (writing, design, SM, etc) to water utilities + public health, education, prof serv clients. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Check us out at www.42Fish.com. (Do I have to disclose anything about my relationship with 42Fish? Don’t want FTC trouble.) #brandchat

paulcopcutt: Pitch #brandchat (does that FTC comply?!) wud luv u 2 spread word #JMTW http://bit.ly/3GXXPX (expand) 30 secs or less personal brand tips for a cause

neilmckenzphoto: Pitch: If you need some great business or personal brand photography combined with 30+ years marketing experience give me a call. #brandchat

ZimblerMiller: PITCH: My company has a $24.95 info package “What You Should Know About Branding” http://bit.ly/JcxYB (expand) #brandchat

pmarckworth: Pitch: I create resonant, memorable brands that attract attention, engage interest & deliver on their promise. #brandchat

chareeklimek: #brandchat Pitch @Vocii helps companies brand & communicate from the inside out. Building trust+creating advocates of employees+customers.

DrFernKazlow: Pitch: I help people master the Inner Game of Branding – and maximize & monetize their business, brand, & SM. #brandchat


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