Recap of #brandchat, September 23rd

Posted: September 25, 2009 in brandchat recap, Twitter
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Our chats stay exciting and packed full of great insight!  Enjoy!

Q1: Ur thoughts on this article: 1) Thoughts on what we can learn from the “winners” on the list – e.g. Google, Apple, Amazon, the food and luxury clothing brands. 2) What can we learn from the “losers” – like the auto industry, finanancial services etc.

GetResults: Q1 Interesting. In looking at the winners, even if process flawed, not far from mark, can still be instructive. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: I think that the success of these brands more to do with industry they are in/markets served than brand power. #brandchat

sethgray: Q1: those are some huge, established companies. They have a lot of momentum, so not really all that surprising #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Haven’t read whole articel, but at first glance, one truth sticks out: People don’t trust anyone associated with recession #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1 Fast foods/cook at home are what people can afford, high end like Hermes are what truely rich people can afford. #brandchat

pmarckworth: McDonald’s is a good example of a company that responds to what it’s customers want rather than persisting with the same products #brandchat

GetResults: @Brad42Fish Good insight. Shows consumers are paying attention and exacting their price on presumed offenders. #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Coca-Cola topped the brands since years, what is the secret? #brandchat

mariaduron: #brandchat Q1: from winners learn that NAME recognition is still impt! Applies in biz + personal branding. Need 2 own UR moniker.

GetResults: We can learn not to go there RT @brandchat: Q1: And the flipside….What can we learn from the “losers”? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: One other thing I noticed: all brands on this list continued to market through hard times. Those who pulled back will be hurt. #brandchat

wvpmc: @Brad42Fish that has held true in every recession – those who increase marketing also jump ahead of competition #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @Brad42Fish Agree. If they stop marketing in hard times, makes room for their competition to fill the vacuum. #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q1 most on the list have effetively created differentiation in the marketplace #brandchat

wvpmc: @DrFernKazlow I think it’s a combination of awareness (increased share of mind) and desire to associate with winners #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q1 Many are older very established brands that created their brand prior to Social Media #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Does anybody really know if these brands actually increased their marketing/advertising spending? #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q1 interesting pt that Google went up on list yrly but this yr is down due to perception that it’s getting too big & aggressive. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Most of the names on that list are huge brands that can withstand hard times, plus they already have brand loyalty. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: brand loyalty might not be the tight term (brand laziness might be more accurate), but you all know what I’m talking about. #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q1 IMO it is more instructive to look at the list as a whole for common traits rather then individual rankings #brandchat

andrewmueller: People are more comfortable building emotional attactments to brands that will be there tomorrow, important in recessionary times #brandchat

merylevans: Q1 I read somewhere that brands who keep mktg in tough times will come out ahead while those cutting back have to play catchup. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: This is basically a list of cos whose stocks have done well by being positioned well in the economy – typical of BusinessWeek #brandchat

pmarckworth: @andrewmueller Speaks to the desirability of maintaining marketing in tough times to stay in public eye and keep relationships. #brandchat

jemcgrew: @neilmckenzphoto Does the list make people question the Business Week Brand? #brandchat

andrewmueller: A list done in percentage of relative change in brand sentiment would be more interesting especially when correlated to sales #brandchat

wvpmc: Q1 list value depends on how closely your needs align with the weighting factors – good promo for brands at top of list #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1 @jemcgrew I don’t know about questioning the BusinessWeek brand, maybe more about expectations. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: @andrewmueller A list w/ % of relative change in brand sentiment more interesting-correlate to sales #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @jemcgrew Not necessarily – but they must b able to clearly show value & monetization if they r charing high #brandchat

Q2:Steps U would recommend 2 rebuild brand after incident like Kanye West/Serena Williams? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: If you’re not marketing to your audience, someone else is. #brandchat

merylevans: @brandchat Serena Williams took one big step: she apologized. We haven’t heard about incident since. Kanye… different story! #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2: first step is acknowledgment of being wrong–this is detailed in Book Lipstick on a Pig–good read #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @jemcgrew Not necessarily – but they must b able to clearly show value & monetization if they r charing high #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2 Second step is corrective action in public. People have to believe you are sincere. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: What can we learn about the losers? Manage your business, manage your risks, and don’t take your customer for granted. #brandchat

jemcgrew: @DrFernKazlow agree…value is important and open communication #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: Bad behavior may now be less tolerated. It will take time for people to forget. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @merylevans Sincerity is huge-if ppl don’t “buy” it or feel it’s manipulation, it compounds the problem #brandchat

andrewmueller: @mariaduron Q2 I doubt that either have a true brand strategy that they adhere to. 1) decide how they want 2B percieved #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q2 1.accept responsibility + apologize, 2.listen to yr public, 3.get help to avoid future issues. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: Most people who like Kanye before will like him now…little change will occur. #brandchat

BrandMyCareer: Q2: We can forgive big brands if they admit they r wrong, they brand their career since years so 1 mistake can be re-branded #brandchat

Yuricon: Q2 Admit mistake, apologize – don’t prevaricate. Use it as an opportunity to teach people what not to do and why not to do it. #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q2 – step 2 state their position and relate how their actions did or did not represent that position #brandchat

Yuricon: Q2 Also a good chance to bruch up those basic social skills and take them on the road. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q2: Serena might have hurt her brand, which is a bigger deal since she makes a lot of $$ from endorsements. #brandchat

andrewmueller: step 3) state what to expect in the future #brandchat

JGoldsborough: @mariaduron @merylevans Good pts. Also Serena 1st apologized 4 reaction 2 “horrible call.” Story lived. Sincere apology, it died. #brandchat

wvpmc: Q2 crisis mgmt not awfully different for personal brands – but ppl more tolerant of celebrity outbursts #brandchat

andrewmueller: Step 4 act consistent with how they want to be percieved #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @neilmckenzphoto Agree bad behavior less tolerated now-difclt times >awareness of choices > transparency w/ SM #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Q2: Any major PR gaffe stems from deeper issue. Find out why situation occurred, fix it. #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q2: what about using Social Media for corrective action? Thoughts? #brandchat

merylevans: Q2 McEnroe had a bigger temper and was a poorer sport. It didn’t hurt his career. Serena just had one misstep. She shook hands. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: @jemgrew Great point -SM done right can be HUGE corrective asset to fix damaged brand! #brandchat

pmarckworth: @jemcgrew SM broadcast the bad behavior almost immediately and became trending topics. Good place to apologize. #brandchat

Q3: Internal steps that can B taken when company outward brand+culture are opposite?

merylevans: @brandchat You mean like Whole Foods? Where CEO said something that clashed with company’s outward culture? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: When bad actions tarnish your brand, address it straight on. Don’t half apologize if you don’t mean it. It’ll show. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3 If outward brand+culture are opposite then replace mgmt starting at the top – something isn’t right here. #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q3 can anyone give me an example of a company whos brand and culture are opposite? #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q3 would indicate lack of communication internally–sometime a consultant to bring groups together can help #brandchat

andrewmueller: Q3 I would argue that your brand is largely determined by your culture and they cannot be opposite #brandchat

wvpmc: Q3 which came first – brand or culture – that may give some indication of where to begin #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Brand vs culture issue depends on co. & what they do/sell. If they sell retail product, the co. culture might not be relevant. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3 @andrewmueller Saying what you stand for and doing it are two different things. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: @andrewmueller opposite brand v culture – those maketing excellent service, employees don’t deliver. Qwest had issue w/this #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Brand vs culture can be huge deal for professional service company or non-profit organization. #brandchat

andrewmueller: @neilmckenzphoto saying what your stand for is not your brand, interaction with customers at every touchpoint determines brand #brandchat

DavidSandusky: @wvpmc I think culture always come first as started by lone founder who drives culture early #brandchat

Brad42Fish: The question is “which do you want to lead?” Brand or culture? Maybe both should be looked at together, neither leading. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: If brand + culture are not aligned, can create ethics/PR issues if becomes public. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q3 if culture is bad, brand is bad regardless of marketing – look at hiring brand champions #brandchat

wvpmc: @DavidSandusky sometimes new mgmt or merger can radically alter culture #brandchat

DavidSandusky: where is @rwhisman when you need him re: Q3 #brandchat

Q4: Studies+resources to support internal brand advocates

Brad42Fish: Brand is more than jsut internal personality; it’s also how product/service matches with market and audience. #brandchat

andrewmueller: I guess the question is what do you do when your culture doesn’t deliver on your brand promise? #brandchat

pmarckworth: brand and culture clash indicates that the brand isn’t integrated into the company – bad mistake. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Culture is not the brand. It is part of the brand, often a large part. #brandchat

merylevans: Possible story: What are the cheapest, yet highly effective ways to get your web worker or online business noticed? @merylkevans #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Brand 7 culture not integrated is big brand problem.Branding abt pts of connection. That’s big disconnection! #Brandchat

Brad42Fish: Culture sometimes not part of brand. Do we care if the culture at Mt. Dew is different or same as Brand Essence of the proudct? #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Slip of the finger – meant brand & culture not integrated is big brand prob… #Brandchat

Pitch, Plugs, C2A, etc.

wvpmc: Moderating @BethHarte‘s #pr20chat tonight 8 pm ET – Topic: I’m in Social Media – Now What? Managing Expectations – Join us! #brandchat

Brad42Fish: 42Fish is a creative solutions firm that helps organizations create their desried reactions thru branding, mktg, adv + design. #brandchat

BlakeGroup: Pitch: We provide creative services (design, writing, photography, etc) for a range of clients, specializing in water utilities. #brandchat

pmarckworth: Pitch: I help individuals and businesses build resonant, memorable brands that attract attention, engage interest & drive sales. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Thanks all! Pitch: Major project I’m heading up. Looking 4 key partners&affiliates. National & internl. Luv 2 talk w/ U!! #Brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Pitch: Combining 30+ years adv/mrktg expertise with photography to enhance my client’s business and personal brand images. #brandchat

ideasurge: RT @MizzyB: RT @B_Batchelder: The Top 6 Reasons Companies R Still Scared of SM by @whatsnext (expand) #smchat #hcsm #brandchat


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