The #brandchat convo continues to buzz along with great momentum, insight, debate, and valuable thoughts!  If you ever get a chance to jump on in on a Wednesday morning, you won’t find a finer group of people all focused on branding.

Enjoy the recap — golden nuggests here!

Q1: PR is a primary concern for every CMO + brand manager. Thoughts?

Brad42Fish: It might not be “primary” but it’s important, clearly important. #brandchat

mariaduron: #brandchat Q1: I believe this is true. Brands can no longer stand alone- they have 2 jump in 2 convo, they have 2 engage

wvpmc: Q1 PR (public relations) is a core competency for us, and a key componnet of a comprehensive marketing plan #brandchat

Brad42Fish: And depending ont he company and their current situation, PR is sometime primary. #brandchat

brandchat: RT @ wvpmc Q1 PR (public relations) is a core competency for us, and a key componnet of a comprehensive marketing plan #brandchat

brandingexpert: Problem is that too many ppl jump to PR w/o thinking out brand strategy first. #brandchat

wvpmc: Q1 Yet many companies don’t really understand that PR is a lot more than generating press releases (push) #brandchat

brandingexpert: What’s the point of raising awareness thru PR if you have no message? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: PR must be part of entire barnd/mkt strategy #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: Put bluntly-If a CMO/Brand Mgr has to be reminded that PR is an important part of the mrktg mix, get a new CMO. #brandchat

tnehren: Q1: In branding everything needs to work in harmony, PR, social, interactive, broadcast. PR is a piece to the puzzle. #brandchat

McCourtRealtor: @wvpmc Very true! Why do they think PR is Advertising – not one in the same dont you think? #brandchat

brandingexpert: Worst thing is raising awareness – for the WRONG brand message. Costly, too. #brandchat

lisahanockjasie: ain’t it the truth RT @brandingexpert: Problem is that too many ppl jump to PR w/o thinking out brand strategy first. #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Q1 It’s one aspect – brand strategy comes first – and that encompasses far more than just PR #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Primary for CMO, know brand promise or PR will be nightmare #brandchat

wvpmc: @McCourtRealtor marketing does not =sales, PR, or advertsing – includes product, price, place (distribution) decisions + promo #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: It is a primary concern and even more a problem when you don’t have a CMO…who does it fall to then #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: @brandingexpert – Without strategy any marketing effort is suspect – this should be obvious. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @McCourtRealtor PR and advertising are different but they must support same strategy. Each can accomplishthings the other can’t. #brandchat

chucksimmins: Q1: Think other concerns come first. Quality product / brand before PR #brandchat

brandingexpert: @brandchat CEO is ALWAYS the brand champion, IMHO. Gotta be from the top down. #brandchat

chucksimmins: End user / consumer should be focus of brand management. PR and marketing must get out of the conf room and into the street. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @brandingexpert CEO has to be in on brand, but CEO might not be able to fulfill all jobs of the brand champion, maybe cheerleader #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q1 small comapnies often turn to a PR firm whose job is then to help them understand the need for strategy & big picture planning #brandchat

tnehren: PR follows same rules as anything else…stay on message, keep it relevant, communicate w/ right audience #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q1: All messages — PR and otherwise — must adhere to brand. SOLID (not sold — sorry! brand must come FIRST. #brandchat

wvpmc: For larger companies, we work with the CMO – for smaller ones, we often are defacto outsourced CMO advising CEO, who is in charge #brandchat

brandingexpert: @pmarckworth Right tool for the right job, tho: PR is abt awareness, not brand strategy. Brand strategists shouldn’t do PR! #brandchat

sueburness: This is must! RT @Brad42Fish: PR must be part of entire barnd/mkt strategy #brandchat

BPrickett: @wvpmc I think PR & marketing in this day have to include a 4th “P” = Participation. SM makes that unavoidable #brandchat

wvpmc: We often help small companies figure out what their brand is – if promo doesn’t match you can create bigger problems #brandchat

jemcgrew: Q1: Re: no CMO…I find that then it is up to a good communications person to help guide the PR. Doesn’t always work #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Sometimes – best thing CEO can do to be “brand champion” is to trust & empower CMO or VPM to do their thing! #branchat #brandchat

BPrickett: @Brad42Fish I think PR gives words/message to brand strategy #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q1 – interesting question about the role of SM in PR & brand communications! #brandchat

jemcgrew: Kodak’s @JeffreyHayzlett is a good example of a CMO that is very engaged and inspires direction within the company #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q1: PR isn’t just for large co’s. If you can’t afford a PR profesional get a book on PR – there are lots of them! #brandchat

mariaduron: #brandchat @BPrickett I really like UR Fifth P of Marketing. I agree. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Participation. U hit nail on head!

Q2: Social Media is not a strategy. Thoughts?

brandingexpert: RT @brandchat: Q2: “Social Media is not a strategy.” Agreed. But its tactics are driven by brand strategy. #brandchat

mrowlands: @brandchat True: Social Media is a collection of tools—just like TV, radio & print. Strategy rolls out using them. #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q2 – I think SM is a strategy. It’s not an objective & Twitter/FB etc. would be ex. of tactics, so how is it not a strategy? #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: SM is a strategy in the sense that it is a tool that might be used in the mix. #brandchat

bethlapierre: social media is part of a brand strategy. if yr a start up w/ a cool web product could be 50%, corporate 20% #brandchat

BPrickett: Q2 If SM is not part of strategy, I do think it should be more than a tactic. Too prevalent these days. #brandchat

chucksimmins: Q2: Must disagree slightly. SM in its infancy. Devoting resources to it is a strategic decision. #brandchat

bethlapierre: social media is branding technology, another tool in the brand manager’s tool belt #brandchat

tnehren: Q2: SM is a tactic used specifically to reach specific & measurable objectives. Strategies are more big picture. #brandchat

BPrickett: Q2 Look at impact YouTube had on brand of Burger King & Domino’s with vdeos posted online. Brand is being talked about! #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @chucksimmins It might be a strategic decision, but it isn’t a trategy in and of itself…but it does need a strategy. #brandchat

wvpmc: @BPrickett Agree in importance, but see too many biz misusing SM – it’s a new tool for 2-way promotion, user-gen content #brandchat

mrowlands: @brandchat Q2: Social Media are access points for audiences, conversation = tools used to deploy strategy in svc of org’s goals. #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q2: SM is now a KEY ELEMENT of strategy .. not strategy itself #brandchat

bethlapierre: ppl think social media is great because it’s so cheap, but to effectively use, map, monitor, and analyze takes resources #brandchat

BPrickett: @wvpmc Still see SM as more than 2-way promotion. It’s about conversation, interaction…relationship (which is PR) #brandchat

brandchat: Access points? Tools? Yet, is it a strategy? If direct mail is an access point, do U have a direct mail strategy? #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: A company has an adv, PR, pricing, distribution etc & SM strategy – what’s wrong with that? #brandchat

Brad42Fish: The biggest challenge of keeping SM on strategy is how instant it is. No time to confirm it’s on strategy. #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q2: See need to keep SM messages fresh and original — agree w @chucksimmins about risk of rigidity #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q2: @brandingexpert Agree about Kodak, went from being the best/experts to I don’t know what. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: SM can have its strategy, it jsut needs to fit into (be a aprt of) larger strategy. We could be arguing about semantics. #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q2 Respectfully, are we more arguing about semantics than anything? SM is here to stay, it’s powerful & can build brands. #brandchat

GordWeisflock: @brandingexpert #brandchat …i work for kodak and i do everything i can to grow the brand and support the graphic arts industry.

wvpmc: @DrFernKazlow @mrowlands Good promotion was always about building bridges – SM shortens the feedback cycle #brandchat

wvpmc: @Michael_B_Moore I think the central question here is how SM fits into overal brand and mrktg plans + how to integrate #brandchat

Q3: You can’t hide the corporation behind the brand anymore or even fully separate the two. Thoughts?

pmarckworth: Q3 because the corporation doesn’t manage its brand in the same way anymore #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: You can’t hide the corp behind the brand because it is the brand. People aren’t very trusting these days. #brandchat

BPrickett: Q3 Brand is NOW what others are saying about it. Goal is to monitor conversation & definitely get involved with it. #brandchat

chucksimmins: Q3: Well, you can. How many ppl know Yum is KFC? McDonalds once owned Boston Market. Who knew? Discoverable but not obvious. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: Q3: It depends on the company. Some brands are bigger than the company, especially consumer brands. #brandchat

brandingexpert: Q3: I kid you not, ALL of the major clients I have do NOT even understand brand strategy, so how CAN they incorporate it? #brandchat

mrowlands: @brandchat Q3: Agreed. Consumers’ push 4 transparency making it hard to hide. If brand = expectations, corps performance = brand. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: In the B2B world, especially in B2B services, the company and the brand are far more connected. #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q3: Strong brand essential with perception of “corporations” today. Brand must speak to consumer first #brandchat

kimbrater: Q3: An organization that has truly integrated brand into their business has no need to hide. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: @brandingexpert Not only did they miss the digital photog trend they missed the digital medical mrkt and more.. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q3 no hiding. Where brand on your sleeve #brandchat

bethlapierre: in bigger corporations with multiple interest there is separation, there has to be. #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q3: Customer ultimately loyal to reliable and true brand #brandchat

bethlapierre: with small companies the brand should be synonymous with the company as brand values should be embodied by all employees #brandchat

BPrickett: Q3 You can’t hide brand if you tried. Just Goggle the name…and there’s the “brand.” What are others saying, writing, posting. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q3: Many corps have a good reason to hide – they earned it! Hiding an elephant may not be so easy. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @LoisMarketing My favorite question: Are your customers brand loyal…or brand lazy? #brandchat

tnehren: Q3: I think we’re going to see more and more where the corporation itself does become the brand. #brandchat

wvpmc: A large corporation has its own brand, which can help or infect its product brands #brandchat

Q4: Every1 is a brand manager

Michael_B_Moore: Q4 – Agree to the extent that one’s actions touch consumers – however indirectly. #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q4; Ensure that everyone’s acitivities are aligned with brand positioning & strategy. #brandchat

bethlapierre: i’d say brand rep rather than brand manager, makes us brand managers and strategists shudder :0) #brandchat

BPrickett: Q4 YES! When I teach PR workshop, I encourage companies to empower & train their folks to be the front line of PR. #brandchat

pmarckworth: Q4 if a company’s brand is well integrated into their operations, everyone in the company is an effective brand manager #brandchat

wvpmc: Q4 Everyone is a brand advocate or detractor, not a brand manager – someone needs to be in charge of oversight #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q4 everyone represents the brand. Own it? If there is pride, you have brand champion #brandchat

bethlapierre: the hard part is getting everyone aligned #brandchat

brandingexpert: Q4: “Every1 is a brand manager. True? False?” FALSE. Everyone is a brand EVANGELIST after being given the brand strategy. #brandchat

BPrickett: Q4 Part of employee training should include what to say about company. The short 30-sec elevator speech. Involve them in brand #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q4 – the best brands r those driven by a vibrant/authentic culture. In those instances everyone lives the brand! #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q4: Internal messages and company direction must communicate brand #brandchat

tnehren: Q4: Not everyone is necessarily a brand manager, but they are all brand facilitators #brandchat

McCourtRealtor: @bethlapierre Yes, every person representing UR co. needs 2 understand brand strategy. If they don’t, UR sending them out blind #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q4: In SMB market this is very true #brandchat

chucksimmins: @BPrickett Yes! Every employee ought to have the elevator speech. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @brandingexpert ot everyone is a brand manager, but everyone is brand ambassador. #brandchat

brandingexpert: If the brand strategy is REALLY well-constructed, each person should be able to personalize it into his own tasks. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q4: Everyone in a company is not a Brand Manager-representitive, zealot, emissay maybe. Depends on their experiences. #brandchat

DavidSandusky: Q4 why hiring for vision of culture is so important for every business. The CEO’s brand is so important #brandchat

pmarckworth: @tnehren I agree brand facilitator or brand evangalist is a better role #brandchat

BPrickett: Q4 Vibrant culture, employee ambassadors = back to work of PR and internal relations. We are part of the whole brand strategy #brandchat

wvpmc: No #brandchat

brandingexpert: Yup. The LAST thing ANY of us need are MORE MANAGERS!!! 😀 #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: Q4 w/out regard to how u describe it – everyone in the co. must reinforce brand positioning/strategy #brandchat

chucksimmins: Q4: I guess manager depends on def of management. One employee off message can ruin brand. To me that means mgnt and manager #brandchat

jemcgrew: @Michael_B_Moore: Agree, everyone in the company SHOULD support the brand and move it forward positively #brandchat

BrandAide: Q4: Every good brand needs a leader to execute the strategy and give someone for the activists to follow. #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Q4: Have lived thru strong disconnect btwn company brand and staff experience! Are you w me? #brandchat

chucksimmins: Q$: If one person can screw things up, they have all the power of a manager and management, don’t they? #brandchat

lbbinc: @Brad42Fish and too many brand managers are just brand keepers, just want to make sure they don’t lose any share #brandchat

BPrickett: Q4 If the employees see themselves as brand managers, ownership is more likely. Empower them! #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Q4: Are we confusing Brand with a company’s Mission? #brandchat

brandingexpert: RT @wvpmc: “what are top 3 considerations CMO should nail down be4 promo?” Leadership, clarity, credibility #brandchat

Brad42Fish: @brandingexpert top 3 for CMO: audience, essence, promise (if 4: self) #brandchat

Plugs, C2A, Pitch, etc.

brandingexpert: PLUG: Book: Site: Monday AM Free chat: (expand) #brandchat

jemcgrew: PLUG: Check out and Denver Classic Car Examiner (expand) for my writing #brandchat

brandingexpert: RT @richmeyer: “Why does most branding fail?” Got a whole chapter in my book on that… 😀 #brandchat

Michael_B_Moore: PLUG: Our P2P consulting brings teams of F500 execs. to help ‘bullet proof’ strategic challenges. Works great w/ agency pitches! #brandchat

pmarckworth: Thanks for another great brandchat everyone. Plug:I make my clients the obvious best choice for their customers. #brandchat

Brad42Fish: PLUG: 42Fish is a creative solutions firm that helps clients define and create their desired reactions. #brandchat

neilmckenzphoto: Plug: Helping to tell the story of great bus & personal brands through adv/mrkt expertise & master photography. #brandchat

bethlapierre: thanks much. would love some of you as guest writers/interviewees for DM me if you’re interested #brandchat

DrFernKazlow: Plug: Workshops/ Private consults: Power Connectg 2 maximize/monetize ur biz, brand, SM & “Get Big(ger)” #brandchat


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