Brandchat #8 continued to grow the branding discussion with many new chatters and some new spin-off  questions.  If you’ve got a question that you would like discussed, post it on the facebook wall for the brandchat group,

Brand, image , authenticity and conversation all appeared heavily in the tweets from the chat.

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This week’s #brandchat is brought to you by Neil McKenzie, Photog w/ 30yrs marketing experience specializing in creating business & personal brand images. Teaching a class-Artrepreneurship

Q1: Brainstorm-how can U or UR company make the most of 175 mil FB people? 1 recommendation – gr8 focus groups #brandchat

Q2: How do PPL + companies benefit from participating in these chats – knowledge or brand management? #brandchat

Q3: What are some best practices you use or have used 2 create brand awareness – personally or 4 company? #brandchat

  • searchguru: Q3: Running offline networking events and presentations #brandchat
  • DrFernKazlow: @brandchat Q3 Listen,connect, drop ur agenda & engage in the conversation on ur market’s mind-whether 1 person meeting or twitter #brandchat
  • DrFernKazlow: Q3 Strong, clear brand consistency – identifiable picture/logo/colors/feel/words used over many platforms, in fresh ways #brandchat
  • neilmckenzphoto: Q3: I use personal contact to create brand awareness and reinforce it with other tools like webpages, FB, Twitter etc.. #brandchat
  • LngfellowLegacy: Q3 Integrity. If you can maintain a level of it your brand will flourish. #brandchat
  • LngfellowLegacy: Q3 attending as many offline events as possinle. Mixers, conferences etc #brandchat
  • nrohrbach: Q3: develop your logo and stick to it. I worked for a company who changed yearly, consumers couldn’t pick us out of a lineup #brandchat
  • DrFernKazlow: Q3 Making so that ppl say to me – you are ever everyplace! Then they remember you, places you haven’t even been. #brandchat
  • searchguru: I use to run meetings offline and up learning about doing webinars #brandchat
  • AndreaMeyer: @searchguru #brandchat I agree – meetups for offline are a great way to meet local people, & I’ll be leading my first webinar tomorrow!
  • BPerzanowski: @brandchat Q3: Synchronicity in verbal and visual communications as well as live and virtual networking. #brandchat
  • DrFernKazlow: Q3 – Show up in enough relevant places – ppl will think you are “everyplace” and remember you places you haven’t even been. LOL! #brandchat
  • andrewmueller: Q3 Social media has changed branding for ever, interaction and conversation w/customers = brand awareness #brandchat
  • christinetonkin: Incorporate the Golden Rule in your brand strategy. If u don’t like spammy auto messages don’t send them #brandchat

Q4: If you could only recommend ONE CONFERENCE 2 attend that best benefited UR brand strategy, what would it B? #brandchat


The Facebook conversation continues at

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