Brandchat #7 turned out to be a lively discussion about branding , brand development and customer service. Every week we tap into the “collective mind” on Twitter and discuss everything branding. Do you have a question you would like to hear some “group think” feedback/insights on? We already have the first two questions for the April 1st chat (no foolin’) If you have a question, be sure to join the Facebook group: You can enter any question you would like to discuss on the wall and we’ll put it on the #brandchat agenda!

Plus, if you would like some “brand exposure” and lots of link love – join the Facebook group and enter into the #brandchat sponsor lottery! Every week we play and one person wins the “sponsor for the chat” opportunity! Check the Facebook group for details!

Hope you’ll “jump on in” with us in the conversation on Twitter, live and streaming, every Wednesday morning 10 a.m. CST. Follow the moderator (s) of #brandchat on Twitter at

This week’s #brandchat is brought to you by the Personal Board of Advisors – your personal and business development solution!

Q1: From @mjbraide, what have big brand flameouts (i.e. UBS,AIG) done 2 brand strength of biz + personal? #brandchat

Q1 continued: + how does brand strength equate to biz strength? #brandchat

Q2: From @davidsandusky Q2:Brainstorm: PPL – how do U extend UR personal brand? BIZ: – how do U extend UR brand thru UR PPL? #brandchat

brandchat: Won’t have much time 4 Q3. So, it will also B Q1 next week. Q3: How can U or UR company or can U, make the most of 175 mil FB ppl #brandchat

Getting 2 the end – time 4 PITCHES + CALLS 2 ACTION. Go 4 it! #brandchat


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