#brandchat recap 4th edition

Posted: March 7, 2009 in brandchat recap, Twitter
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Well, we picked a GREAT NAME for our chat – someone else on Twitter wanted to use it to to break out and discuss corporate brands.  More power to them!  The #brandchat conversation encompasses all areas of branding with the highest focus being on the human factor in a brand. After all, there are people at all of these companies, correct? And these people either do a great job on authentically executing on the corporate brand promise or they are so connected from the corporate brand that they work against the corporate brand.  Then that brings forth the question – is THAT REALLY  the corporate brand?  The age old discussion of “do as I say, not as I do” continues!

We are so excited to have so many people talking and thinking about branding that we WELCOME all.  We’ll never sit in judgement that “one type of brand person” is better than or “more professional” than another.  All brand dicussions are welcome – just know that we’ll “drill down” in our dicussions to the HUMAN FACTOR – both of the employees who represent or work for that brand to the clients who talk about that brand.  Customers have the great ability to “talk back live” through various mediums and you cannot control it.  So, how do you manage it?  Simply “poo-pooing” on the face that they’re not real journalists or agencies or corporate hot-shots is no longer enough, they’re voice will be heard by someone who does think that they have something worthy to say.  What happens as their followers continue to grow and they are listened to – no matter how “unofficial” a spokesperson they are?  What then?  Jump on to #brandchat and join the healthy, focused discussion on branding…yes, it’s personal!

Today’s #brandchat brought 2 U by; YourBrandPlan affiliate program http://bit.ly/17c1ep

Q1:  Skittles became a great conversation over twitter this past week, what are your thoughts?

  • searchguru: Q1: Obvious that Skittles peeps had NOT read World Wide Rave and had no idea of power of social media #brandchat
  • neilmckenzphoto: Skittles – very novel and they were able to capture followers very fast. Long term don’t know – how long will people follow it? #brandchat
  • DavidSandusky: http://skittles.com/ #brandchat
  • tierrafilhiol: Q1: Bad idea. Citizen journo is not for every brand. Know thy audience. #brandchat
  • McCourtRealtor: @searchguru I don’t know. I think it’s brilliant. Let Ur people say – it’s what we were talking about w/brandhijacking on chat #brandchat
  • mariaduron: I think it’s much like Zappos understanding that their employees also constitute their brand – that’s why all have twitter accts. #brandchat
  • searchguru: Q1: Doubtful that they are in it for long term. Are they switching pages because of too much traffic or strategy? #brandchat
  • DavidSandusky: @mariaduron good point with employees contituting the skittles brand + – #brandchat
  • McCourtRealtor: I think corp. amercia still wrestles w/ command + control model of conversation. #brandchat
  • jemcgrew: I think Skittles example is going to be the trend…all industries are looking for new ways to engage the consumer #brandchat
  • ScottAllen: @DavidSandusky The Skittles Twitter thing is already old news. It’s now a Facebook page/app that’s better branded. #brandchat
  • ScottAllen: Was the Skittles Twitter thing a giant blunder that they quickly fixed? Or a brilliant way to build buzz/traffic, then switch? #brandchat
  • tierrafilhiol: @ScottAllen Def, strategy. Clearly we’re debating. Keep it in thier minds now, it’s likely to be at the corner store.#brandchat #brandchat
  • tierrafilhiol: @searchguru Absolutely agree, FB isn’t the place for positive community engagement for PR.#brandchat #brandchat
  • McCourtRealtor: @tierrafilhiol I think it is. I’ve watch wat @kbuzz has done w/facebook + realtors + other companies/products + am impressed #brandchat
  • mariaduron: I’ve seen FB work for individuals + companies + groups. I think days of talking AT people R over. #brandchat
  • tierrafilhiol: @McCourtRealtor Rephrased, I agree great for some, it all depends on their strategy just plopping an FB page up won’t cut it. #brandchat

Q2: In that same vein of the Skittles ?. What R Ur thoughts about Zappos letting loose w/their employees + twitter. Seems 2 work.

  • christinetonkin: @mariaduron You might find this FB article interesting #brandchat http://bit.ly/XMeWO
  • McCourtRealtor: I applaud companies that have a strategy 4 internal communication – after all those peeps are Ur brand advocates . #brandchat
  • ScottAllen: @DavidSandusky He said “Every person in the company is in your marketing department. Every person is in your HR department… #brandchat
  • christinetonkin: @mariaduron Karen Quinto, head of mktg at Dell supports using FB for promoting her company #brandchat
  • jemcgrew: It is interesting…you can see a lot of companies jumping on the twitter conversation- KODAK employees participate a lot #brandchat
  • ricklafave: I have not used facebook for business or personal branding, am I missing out? I use it to stay in contact with old friends #brandchat
  • neilmckenzphoto: @davidsandusky Southwest is unique. Just having a FB page or twitter account is nothing special. #brandchat
  • ScottAllen: Social media value for a company is an aggregate of its value for individual employees. #brandchat
  • kwidrick: RT @ScottAllen: Best corp. social media strategy = facilitate individuals using social media to do their individual job better. #brandchat
  • AmyBiddle: @ricklafave #brandchat I have resisted Facebook. Is it bc I’m over 40? Could be. Could also be my introverted nature. Learning more…
  • terrybean: @ScottAllen CAN and Will are very different. How are you differentiating them in ur meta-strategy statement? #brandchat
  • ScottAllen: @terrybean Good point. Thanks. More accurately, “Only strategy what WILL work CONSISTENTLY is a meta-strategy.” #brandchat

Q3: Number 1 thing a company can do to engage their employee is delivering on their corp brand.

  • ScottAllen: Q3: agreed. In order to do that though they must clearly communicate what the brand is. What’s the brand of, say, ExxonMobil?? #brandchat
  • christinetonkin: @ScottAllen sometimes the brand message doesn’t get past marketing to the people who face the customers directly #brandchat
  • McCourtRealtor: I like @ScottAllen saying that even went over mission statement w/temp. How many times have any of us goofed on that? #brandchat
  • ScottAllen: Since each job function has different business goals, impossible for the same strategy to work for everyone. #brandchat
  • @christinetonkin love it. Ad agency worse nightmare-company/people not on brand means mktg seems like a lie #brandchat


For the full transcript of #brandchat – 4th edition CLICK HERE!

Thank you to Tweetgrid.com for providing a transcript of our weekly #brandchat!


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